Interview II: Barrett Scruggs

Army coaches must be excited about the prospects of one Barrett Scruggs, who is one of the most intense LB's out of talent rich Florida. Not only is Barrett a strong LB prospect, but just a pleasure to talk to. presents the second installment of questions with Barrett..." as we hope to give the Black Knight fans a more personal look at Army's class of 2003. We kicked it off with Cason Shrode, and now here's Barrett Scruggs. So what is new Barrett since the last time we talked?

Barrett Scruggs: "Working out. I'm doing track & field…long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus & 4X100 Get out of here! You are able to do all that in one meet?

Barrett Scruggs: {laughing} Actually we had one this past Saturday…and one coming up this Saturday. What is your best LJ?

Barrett Scruggs: My best is 20-00 Which coach at Army recruited you and what has that relationship been like?

Barrett Scruggs: Coach Mumford. The relationship I had with him was what solidified my decision. From the beginning up to my official visit, I felt he was a guy who I could trust. Have you met with Coach Berry?

Barrett Scruggs: "Yes Sir, he actually came down to meet with my father. My dad was unable to make my official visit to Army, so Coach Berry & Mumford came down specifically to meet & talk with my dad. My dad greatly appreciated that." Tell me a little of what you are feeling about the upcoming football season. What do you expect? Anticipations?

Barrett Scruggs: I'm not really sure. Right now, I'm trying to work hard, get bigger and faster. I just want to contribute in anyway that I can. Describe the perfect SportsCenter moment that involves Barrett Scruggs.

Barrett Scruggs: "Wow! Hmmm? Let me think about that one. I would say, picking up a fumble and running 70 yards for a touchdown against Navy." Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

Barrett Scruggs: "My father. Just his wisdom & his motivation". Last time we spoke, you indicated that you weighed 210. Is that your present weight and what weight do you want to come in at?

Barrett Scruggs: "I'm at 210, I want to come in at a solid-muscle at 215-220." What CD is in your CD player right now? Barrett Scruggs: "50 cent". 50 cent? I'm a little older than you. Educate me; is 50 cent a group or a person?

Barrett Scruggs: {laughing} 50 cent is a person. If you could have dinner with any three historical figures who would they be?

Barrett Scruggs: "Malcolm X, Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks" Your QB @ Plant, Stephen Reaves committed to Michigan State, and the year before your team had freshman phenom WR, Mike Williams (USC). You guys must have put up plenty of points two years ago.

Barrett Scruggs: "Yes we did…big numbers" Top Stories