More on Nick Bennett's Commitment

Eastern High offensive guard prospect, Nick Bennett, became the first prospect to commit to Army for their 2011 recruiting class. recently spoke with the 6-foot-1, 276 pound offensive lineman to get the scoop on why he chose the Black Knights.

Shedrick Moorer: Well first off Nick, congratulations on your decision to join the Army Black Knights next fall. Tell me, how does it feel to have your final decision out of the way?

Nick Bennett: It feels great. Making my decision wasn't the part that took all of the stress off of my shoulders, getting the offer was what actually did it. I didn't know if I was even going to play football on the next level. All of the stress went away once I got that first offer from Army.

SM: What was the coaching staff's reaction whenever you informed them of your decision to join the Black Knights?

NB: They were very excited when I told them the news. They thought it was great that I wanted to be a Black Knight. Today in the mail I actually got letters from four of the coaches congratulating me on my decision, so that was pretty cool.

SM: What were some of the factors that helped you to decide that West Point was where you wanted to spend the next 4-5 years of your life?

NB: The academics are fantastic at Army, and academics are very high on my priority list. When I went up there over the summer I fell in love with the atmosphere, and the people up there. Those things pretty much helped me to decide that Army was where I wanted to be.

SM: Talk a little bit about how things got started between you and Army?

NB: When I had finish making my highlight tape in December, I sent it out to a ton of schools. Army was one of the main ones that I sent it to. After sending out my film, I followed up with several phone calls. That was pretty much how it all got started.

SM: Who has been primarily recruiting you from the Army Coaching Staff?

NB: Coach Smeland.

SM: What do you plan to study at Army?

NB: I would like to major in Economics

SM: Will you be a direct admit, or will you be attending the prep school?

NB: Coach Smeland told me that it's a 95% chance that I'd be a direct admit.

SM: Last question: Is there anything that you'd like to share with Army fans throughout the country?

NB: I can't wait to get up there and put on a show for everybody. Top Stories