Interview II: Tim Dunn

As noted in GeorgeH's analysis of the tight ends, there will be open competition relative to playing time and the 3 deep rotation. Again, depth and talent arrives in the fall in the likes of Tim Dunn, along with fellow incoming freshmen (Tim Green and Chase McCoy). All have the physical tools to compete immediately, however, in order for the freshmen to progress in a fashion other than do-or-die, the frontliners have to stay healthy early.

Tim Dunn,
TE, 6-3 1/2, 250
Central Bucks West (Doylestown, PA)

We caught up with the tight end prospect and Black Knight commit, Tim Dunn. Here's our second installment of conversation with Tim, as we continue to look at Army's class of 2003. Tim, talk about your high school career a little bit and let the Army fans reading this know how you did your senior season.

Tim Dunn: I was selected to the North-South All-Star Game. However, I'm not sure if I will participate because it's in June and close to when I will be coming up to West Point. Also name to the All-Area First Team TE & Honorable Mention DE (All-Suburban). What goals have you set for yourself for the upcoming season?

Tim Dunn: My goal is to play, to do my best and try to get to the top of the lineup. I'm not saying I'm going to start, but that is my goal. What qualities do you bring to a football team?

Tim Dunn: Leadership and intensity. Those are my two biggest qualities. I love getting my teammates fired-up. When we last spoke, you indicated that you were 250 pounds. What is your current weight?

Tim Dunn: I'm at 250, which is where I will probably come in. For those who may not be familiar with Central Buck West, what size high school are you coming out of ... what classification in Penn?

Tim Dunn: We are a Class 4-A which is the largest size school. We have close to 2,000 students Tim, do you have a nickname?

Tim Dunn: No, just Tim {laughing}. Will you be attending the Spring Game on April 19th?

Tim Dunn: I think I'm going to attend. If I were to open your CD player, what CD would I find in there?

Tim Dunn: There will probably been some rap CD in there. Anything you would like to say to the Army fans on that will be reading this?

Tim Dunn: I'm ready to go, tell them that and I will be ready to play. Top Stories