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Kyle Reichert of, Mar 13, 2016
In his ninth year doing bracketology,'s Kyle Reichert updates his bracket for the 2016 N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament.   Full Story

Tim Yotter of, Apr 30, 2024
Example of draft board for NFL teams. Example of draft board for NFL teams.   Full Story

Adam Nicholson of, May 29, 2017
Jemaurian Jones has collected nearly two dozens offers from programs spanning one coast to the other, with Oregon State being his most recent. Where do the Beavers stand though in his recruitment? BeaverBlitz has the answers.   Full Story

Staff of, May 29, 2017
Senior writer Joe Yeager ranks the 20 most critical players on Texas Tech's roster heading into the 2017 season. First up is quarterback Payne Sullins at No. 20.   Full Story

Jason Scheer of, May 29, 2017
We take a look at how Arizona prospects performed in Sunday's Under Armour Association.   Full Story

Ben Garrett of, May 29, 2017
David Dellucci, like most every decorated athlete born and raised in Baton Rouge, La., was destined to be an LSU Tiger.   Full Story

Benjamin Worgull of, May 29, 2017
Prospects all over the country are narrowing their scholarship lists. Are the Badgers making the cut? Get the latest Wisconsin recruiting story lines in this week's State of the Nation.   Full Story

Bob Redman of, May 29, 2017
Monday marks 96 days until the Florida Gators kickoff against the Michigan Wolverines in Dallas, Texas and we’re going to count down the days with the Florida roster until that game. Number 96 for the Florida Gators is occupied by junior defensive end CeCe Jefferson.   Full Story

Franz Beard of, May 28, 2017
A few thoughts to jump start your Memorial Day...   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
Waltz explained that, while US Special Forces were trained and prepared as combat warriors, much of their work involved training, cultural understanding and psychological efforts to explain the messages of US freedom and humanity.   Full Story

Zach Lancaster of, May 28, 2017
"These kids took the initiative to continue to fight instead of rolling over and dying. These guys did OSU Baseball a good service. They represented their university, our fanbase, our school tradition, and I just appreciate all of their efforts. We hung in there all year long, and we were pretty much kicked to the curb as far as having any chance here in Oklahoma City."   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
An A-10 pilot told Scout Warrior the aircraft was the most "rugged" he had ever flown. The Air Force now plans to keep the A-10 flying well into the next-decade.   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
Aegis radar, a technology now on destroyers and cruisers, is aimed at providing terminal phase ballistic missile defense and an ability to knock out or intercept attacking enemy cruise missiles.   Full Story

Jeff Reed of, May 28, 2017
Ty Cockfield joining the Red Wolves   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
Cybersecurity for the Air Force is no longer mostly restricted to IT but now also focuses on large platforms and networked weapons systems,   Full Story

Chris Smith of, May 28, 2017
As the regular season and conference tournaments wrap up today, Vanderbilt is set to receive an at large berth into the 2017 NCAA Tournament. The VandyBoys had an up down campaign throughout the regular season schedule but with two strong starting pitchers and veterans spread out through their lineup, the Commodores might better suited for the postseason and a run at Omaha.   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
Possibly using an externally-mounted POD with sufficient transportable electrical power, the Air Force Research Lab is already working on experimental demonstrator laser weapons able to bolt-on to an aircraft   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
Nuclear-Armed Trident II D5 missiles rest in 44-foot long missile tubes built into ballistic missile submarines quietly patrolling the undersea domain - to ensure security and peace.   Full Story

Scout Warrior of, May 28, 2017
The Air Force A-10 replacement strategy could involve building a new plane, adjusting an existing aircraft or merely upgrading the A-10 itself.   Full Story

Jordan Hamm of, May 28, 2017
“It's special because you know how high of an education school they are. For me to be to be recognized as one of those student-athletes and be wanted to go to Stanford means a lot.”   Full Story

David Murray of, May 28, 2017
The names are known. Their order? Well, it all depends on who Mississippi State matches-up with and when. Maybe even where, too.   Full Story

Robert Allen of, May 28, 2017
Oklahoma State became the first eighth-seed in the history of the Big 12 Baseball Tournament to win the event and they did it in front of a near record crowd full or orange-clad fans and excited to hear Garth Brooks (on recording) serenade the Champions with an appropriate song.   Full Story