Ingram Pops for Charlotte

Chapel Hill star Denzel Ingram picked the Charlotte 49ers on Sunday afternoon. He spoke with about his decision.

After guard Jamar Briscoe transferred out of Charlotte, the 49ers were in dire need of a guard.

On Sunday, Denzel Ingram made the call to Alan Major that he wanted to be part of the Atlantic 10 49ers.

Among consideration were Tennessee State and Morehead State, but Ingram will stay in-state for his college career.

"I thought it was the best fit," Ingram told "I thought it put me in the best situation as far as getting a chance to play."

Although Major and his staff needed Ingram's commitment badly, there is still work to be done before he sees the court.

"They didn't promise me anything," Ingram said. "They just promised me an opportunity to play and so I'll come out and compete."

Ingram said he likes to get up-and-down and work hard by giving constant ball pressure on defense.

"I like to be a playmaker and get others involved."

With the Atlantic 10 reloading year after year, the 49ers needed this commitment, and getting a senior guard with plenty of experience and leadership could help them big-time in the future.

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