Freeman Chooses UMass

Isaac Freeman has picked his school. Find out why he decided for the Atlantic 10.

Isaac Freeman, a 6-foot-11 center, has popped for Massachusetts, he confirmed to this morning.

After taking visits to Drexel and UMass, the style of play was a big reason in choosing the Minutemen.

"When I visited Drexel and played a bit with them, they kept slowing the ball down," Freeman said. "I was like, 'Let's pick it up, let's pick it up'. It didn't seem like their bigs could run as well as I could, and I thought that would hinder me if I went to Drexel."

At UMass, however, it was a lot more quick-paced.

"They kept running the floor," Freeman said. "I said that's something I need because if I want to keep up my game, I need to run. I just felt like UMass had the upper hand because they could help me get faster, my stamina up, and keep me in shape. If I get lazy, I will be very lethargic in what I do."

Freeman gave the edge to Drexel in academics, but ultimately decided that the Minutemen had enough on their side.

"Whether or not you were interested in UMass," Freeman said. "They were like brothers to you. That was important. Everybody was close."

Freeman is spending his time currently at South Kent Prep in Connecticut.

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