Q And A With Valley's Erique Florence

Valley standout Erique Florence talks about the start to his season and about his trip to Auburn on Saturday.

Valley, Ala.--Erique Florence and the Valley High Rams are off to a huge start in the 2010 season with a 3-1 record and the only loss coming to the ranked Auburn Tigers in the season opener. In town for Auburn's game against Clemson Saturday night, Florence witnessed the overtime shootout. He talks about his season to this point, Saturday night, and how recruiting is going in this Q and A session with Inside The Auburn Tigers. "

ITAT: You guys are off to a good start this season. Talk some about how the year has gone to this point for the Rams.

Florence: "We started with a 6A school and we're going to end with a 6A school," Florence said. "Auburn and Smith Station are pretty good football teams. Basically that gives us an idea of who we are when we start the season and get us on a high tempo going into the playoffs.

"In the first game we felt like we should have won," Florence said. "We didn't go into the game expecting moral victories. We went into the game to win. We fought as long as we could. We had a tough loss and got together as a team and decided we weren't going to let that happen anymore. We've pretty much dominated our opponents since then. The starters haven't played a full game since the Auburn game. We've been out by halftime of every game.

"Me being at quarterback and not playing defense I kind of miss it a little bit," Florence said. "At the same time when I do something on offense it feels just as good. I get to show colleges that I'm more of an athlete and I can do more than one thing. I just don't hit. I can also be more of a Percy Harvin-type playmaker in college."

ITAT: Talk about playing quarterback full-time. How has that been for you this season?

Florence: "It's awesome," Florence said. "Me having the offensive line I have and the group of receivers and a running back running a 4.35, it's awesome. I feel like I have the best offensive line in the state. It's an easy job being the quarterback at Valley High right now because of all the playmakers I have around me. At the same time it's fun. We're all in it for the right reason. We want to win and we're having fun with it."

Erique Florence

ITAT: Talk a little bit about Saturday night when you came over to check out the game. What were your impressions from the game?

Florence: "That's what college football is all about," Florence said. "The whole time as the first half was going I was checking out Auburn's DB's and the secondary. They need some help. I was like ‘I believe I could dress out now and go out there and play.' I kept watching the way their DB's were and the momentum of the game. I was standing under the goalpost towards the end of the second quarter.

"I told a guy that I felt like if Auburn was to score or kick a field goal then they would have momentum and come back and win in the second half. They drove down with 1:49 left and got a field goal before the half. It wound up being the difference in the game. I was on my toes the whole game. That game was everything everybody put it up to be."

ITAT: How much fun is it to be there when the atmosphere is like that, when the game goes to overtime and everybody is yelling?

Florence: "I have always said I never get to see it," Florence said. "Even when it comes on ESPN I never get to see it live. I'll see a replay or on Sportscenter's Top 10. I finally got a chance to actually be there when it happened. I can't explain it. I was standing under the goalpost when he missed the field goal and I was literally almost going to run on the field and celebrate. It was just a feeling I've never had before. I felt like I had won the state championship or something."

ITAT: You had a chance to hang out with Kiehl Frazier some during the game Saturday. What was it like to hang out with him?

Florence: "Me and all of the recruits get together and talk all the time," Florence said. "I don't see it as a big deal. We're all friend with each other and know each other and hang out a lot. It was pretty cool with all of us down there celebrating together."

ITAT: Is recruiting still the same for you with Auburn and Alabama the two schools?

Florence: "At one time I would say it was just Auburn and Alabama but I have talked a lot about Clemson. I used to talk a lot about them. I would tell my mom we needed to check Clemson out and Florida and LSU. When I took her to the game on Saturday she kind of liked Clemson so we need to check them out.

"It's pretty much open to anybody. I had my mind set on Auburn and Alabama, the in-state schools my mom would like. Now she's starting to see everybody is doing well. It could be anybody at anytime. It's just something I'll have to take my visits and find out where I want to go for sure."

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