Auburn Fourth In Initial BCS Rankings

Auburn is ranked fourth in the first BCS rankings for 2010.

Auburn, Ala.--Seven weeks into the 2010 season and the Auburn Tigers have put themselves into a good position in the first Bowl Championship Series rankings of the year as coach Gene Chizik's team is #4 behind Oklahoma, Oregon and Boise State with a computer rating of third in the nation.

With a rating of .8641, Auburn is well behind the Sooners at .9215 with Oregon (.8921) and Boise State (.8898) both just above the Tigers. TCU comes in at fifth while Auburn's opponent this Saturday LSU is sixth with a rating of .8245. Chizik said while it's fun to look at the rankings don't mean very much to his team at the moment. The only goal right now is getting better.

"If it ever happens where that becomes what we're focused on it's going to be later in the year," Chizik said. "We just have to continue to do the things we've been doing every week, trying to get better at every position, which you saw yesterday we've got a bunch of room for improvement at every position out there. That's how we'll carry on."

Auburn has put itself in this position thanks largely to the play of quarterback Cameron Newton. Leading the SEC in rushing with 122.9 yards per game, Newton leads the nation in points responsible for with 25 combined touchdowns. That's just one away from the school record for Auburn just seven games into the season.

All those numbers are huge and have meant the world to an Auburn team struggling on defense, but Chizik said he's hoping for more from the rest of the team as the Tigers head into the home stretch of the 2010 schedule.

"I think it's big for any team to believe in their quarterback that much," Chizik said of Auburn's faith in Newton. "I think it's more important for everyone else to understand that they need to raise their level of play. They know they've got a guy back there that is a competitor and wants the ball in his hand. He wants to win games.

"That ought to mean everybody else around him raises their level of play because they know that's what they have back there at quarterback. This isn't about waiting for one guy to make a play to win the game. It's about everybody understanding we have a guy back there that can make a play and competitively will want to make a play. Those other 10 out there and the 11 on defense all need to raise their level of play."

Raising their level of play won't mean dwelling on the ranking though according to Newton. While he said it's an honor to be ranked that high in the first BCS rankings, the junior quarterback said in the end it doesn't matter if they don't keep winning.

"It's music to my ears," Newton said. "At the same time we can't dwell on that because it's really not important. We just have to continue to do our job and execute and play good football."

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