The Dye-Gest: AU's Challenging Schedule

College Hall of Fame head football coach Pat Dye writes about the unbeaten Auburn Tigers.

I really think if you set the SEC aside and the BCS aside as two separate entities, it would be harder to win the SEC Football Championship than the BCS title.

I say that because how many top teams has Oregon played this year? The answer is not many. The same is true of TCU and Boise State.

When it is all said and done for Auburn this year, the Tigers could play as many as seven teams ranked in the Top 25 if Florida and Auburn make it to Atlanta. That is tough, but that is life in the Southeastern Conference.

I think some people around the country realize how tough that is. It was demanding for the SEC teams that have won the BCS Championship in recent years and it will be very demanding on Auburn if the Tigers win it this year. Despite all of the tough games Gene Chizik's team has played to get to 10-0 overall and 6-0 in the SEC, it still must win four more tough games to be the BCS champion.

Auburn is going to have to be at the top of its game for the rest of the schedule. It can't afford a letup. The Tigers are on the verge of making Auburn history and the job Gene Chizik, his coaching staff and this team is doing has been phenomenal.

If you look at the other top four teams in the BCS ratings this week, Oregon was expected to be ranked very high and the same was true of TCU and Boise State. In the SEC the assumption was that Alabama and Florida would be the teams competing for a spot in the BCS Championship Game this year, but that has not happened.

Auburn has steadily climbed in the national rankings all season long. If you study the schedules and teams across the country, what Auburn has done compared to the other top-ranked teams in the country is even more impressive.

There are some other teams in major conferences across the country that are exceeding preseason expectations like Oklahoma State in the Big 12 and Wisconsin in the Big 10. Both are having really impressive seasons and they have a chance to play in a BCS bowl game, but I don't think those teams have faced the challenge that Auburn and other teams in the SEC do.

From the mailbag:

Coach Dye,
I just wanted to say thanks for writing your column on I had the pleasure of attending Auburn in the 80's when you were on the sidelines. It was always a pleasure to hear you talk football and to hear you speak to a group of Auburn fans.

In this day and age of coaches moving on to other things, I just wanted to say thanks for remaining an Auburn man for all these years. I just read your article titled "Jacobs Deserves Praise for His Hire. I have a feeling he would direct some of that praise to you. Behind every good man, is a good teacher, and he had a good one in you.

Best Wishes and War Eagle,
Mitch Cohen
Cumming, Ga.

I am proud of Jay for having success in athletic administration, the career he decided on after attending Auburn and playing football for us. I can say without a doubt that Jay was a great leader for us as an athlete at Auburn and that is a reflection on the job his parents did raising him before he arrived at college.

The Dye-Log, Amen Corner Awaiting

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