An "Incredible Feeling" For Auburn's Bynes

Auburn senior linebacker Josh Bynes talks about graduating on Monday and getting ready for the BCS Championship Game.

Auburn, Ala.--What has already been a big year for Auburn senior linebacker Josh Bynes got even bigger on Monday when he was one of 17 student-athletes to walk across the stage as an Auburn graduate.

Receiving his degree in Human Development and Family Studies in just over three years, Bynes said that while the football stuff is good this is the biggest thing he‘s done yet on the Plains.

"Of all the things I've done this is probably the most unbelievable and blessed feeling that I've had because out of everything you do when you come to college you come to graduate and get your degree," Bynes said. "With the accomplishments we've had playing football as a team and on top of that graduating, it's the most incredible feeling.

"It's crazy," Bynes added. "We won the SEC Championship. Now I have graduated. Next we have a chance to play for the national championship and win it. What more could you ask for in your last year. It's almost too many things to celebrate. This is the most important one because getting your degree is the biggest thing I've done since I've been at Auburn."

Quindarius Carr and Josh Bynes were two of Auburn's graduates on Monday.

Most people wouldn't be surprised at the number of hours it takes Bynes and his teammates on and off the practice field to get ready for a game each week. The one thing that would surprise people though is the amount of study hall hours, studying and labs each week the players go through. Bynes said with everything thrown in sometimes it's tough to keep going but you have to persevere.

"It's a lot of work," Bynes said. "Throughout the years you have practices and have to work around that. Sometimes you only get free at eight or nine o'clock at night. You have to stay up until one or two in the morning to study. It has been a tough road but you have to keep focused.

"If you keep focused on what you're trying to do then you can achieve that. That's what me and Quindarius Carr and the guys that graduated today have been doing. Regardless of where football takes me in my life getting my degree was the most important thing."

Off from football during final exams and much of this week as well, Bynes said it has been huge for him and the rest of the team to get some much needed down time from football not only for the physical side of things but also mentally. With that time almost over and the chance to get back on the practice field nearing the senior said he's looking forward to getting back to work to prepare for the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 10 against Oregon.

"It's good to have some time off right now to let your body get back in shape and rest," Bynes said. "That's big because a lot of guys don't really get that. This break is also good for people to see their families. Mine is in Florida 13 hours away so I don't get a chance to see them or be with my son (Josh Jr.) as much as I want to.

"Right now this break has been good to spend time with my family and to get away from football just a little bit. When I come back I know it's time to work. We're going to be replenished and our whole body is going to be ready to go because we know what's at stake Jan. 10."

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