Clayton Excited About Opportunity With Titans

Auburn senior Zach Clayton talks about being selected by the Tennessee Titans.

Auburn, Ala.--When Zach Clayton walked off the field following the BCS National Championship Game win over Oregon it was a time of lasts. It was his last game for the Auburn Tigers and his last game to play with his teammates. He also thought it was the last time he would play for position coach Tracy Rocker, but on Saturday that changed.

Drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the seventh round, Clayton will be reunited with his position coach from Auburn once again. Getting a phone call from Rocker today to talk about his selection and what he needs to do with the lockout in place, Clayton said it was the perfect way for his draft day to go.

"When I got the phone call I can't even tell you how excited I was to have the opportunity to work with Coach Rocker again," Clayton said. "He's somebody I really respected. We got along real well. I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to work with Coach Rock again."

Sitting around waiting can sometimes be a tough thing to do for a player that has poured his heart and soul into becoming the best football player he can be. While Clayton admits he was anxious to see what happened, his fiancee and their families and friends such as Bart Eddins helped by keeping everyone occupied. He noted they put together a 1,000 piece puzzle just to pass the time and it helped him relax and enjoy the moment.

"I kind of went into the whole process with the mindset that if it's meant to be it will be," Clayton said. "That's kind of the mindset I took the whole time…it was definitely good to hear my named called at the end though."

A player that came on strong as a senior when he was finally healthy for a full season, Clayton earned glowing remarks from Rocker from beginning to end in 2010. He said while his game improved by leaps and bounds it didn't hurt to be playing beside Nick Fairley all season.

"Nick is a great player and playing beside him is definitely going to get your name out there more than you normally would have ordinarily," Clayton said. "I think that helped out a lot and my pro day went a long way as far as getting my name out there and having people go back and watch film on me."

Now that he's been drafted and knows he'll have a chance to make the team with Tennessee, Clayton must sit and wait until the lockout is over with. That could be a stressful time waiting for your first chance to impress your new coaches, but Clayton said he's just going to take everything in stride.

"Being drafted is the first step," Clayton said. "It's the opportunity I needed to be able to get to the next level. There are a lot of guys that didn't get drafted today. I count myself very, very lucky to at least know what team I'm going to be with. Now I just have to wait and be patient until the lockout is over so I can get to work in Tennessee and starting working to try and get a job."

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