Tigers High On The List For Talented Parks

Talented athlete Ricky Parks talks about his visit to Auburn on Saturday and why he likes the Tigers.

Hogansville, Ga.--Rated as the nation's number two tight end prospect by Scout.com, Callaway standout Ricky Parks took an unofficial visit to Auburn on Saturday to check out the Tigers and talk with the coaching staff. With Auburn as one of his three finalists along with Alabama and Georgia, Parks said it was big for him to get another feel for the Tigers.

"It went good," Parks said. "I got to spend time with the coaches and learn a lot of the offensive stuff. They got to tell me where I would fit in the offensive scheme at Auburn, the H-Back and wildcat position.

"They said they would use me kind of like a Cam (Cam Newton) guy in the wildcat," he added. "Also in the H-Back position like Philip Lutzenkirchen where I would go out on pass routes and sometimes run the ball on reverses and things like that."

A quarterback last season for Callaway, the 6-3, 224 Parks is expected to play that role again this season after throwing for more than 1,000 yards and rushing for 800 more as a junior. As a sophomore he played tight end and outside linebacker.

That versatility has schools thinking much different things with Mississippi State offering him as a quarterback with most everyone else thinking tight end. Auburn has mentioned both linebacker and three-back (H Back) to him as well. He said having the opportunity to sit down with Gus Malzahn and talk offense was something he enjoyed.

"It was great talking to Coach Malzahn," Parks said. "I think I have developed a good relationship with him talking to him a lot. I have spent a lot of time with him when I've been to Auburn. It was good talking to him.

"It was good because knowing I get to talk to the offensive coordinator and him telling me what I can do in the offensive scheme was real important," he added. "Knowing that he trusts me to come in and start as a true freshman is big too."

Ricky Parks

Down to three schools without any on top according to Parks, he said he plans to make a decision before his senior year begins in August. After visiting Auburn last season for the LSU game and again for a junior day in March, Parks added this latest visit has the Tigers on his mind.

"At first, I liked Auburn but didn't have a chance to get a feel for the coaches," Parks said. "Now that I have a good feel for the coaches and a good relationship with the coaches, that put them in my top three because I want to come to a school that makes me feel like home and Auburn makes me feel like I'm at home."

Planning to take another visit to Auburn next month when his team is on the Plains for a 7-on-7 passing camp, Parks said he's hoping to attend several more camps around the South and visit all three of his favorites at least one more time before making his decision.

"Right now it's dead even between all three," he said. "All three schools that I've been to, I have a good relationship with all the coaches, good atmosphere on gameday, nice campus and stuff. It's probably going to boil down to the education."

Planning to major in sports management, Parks said that's something that will likely play a big part in his decision when the time comes.

"They all have great coaches and great atmosphere on gameday so it might come down to education because I want to get a great education whatever school I go to."

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