AU Commit Hutcherson And Co. Working For #1

Darrion Hutcherson talks about Big Cat Weekend and his friendship with quarterback Zeke Pike.

Dadeville, Ala.--Over the weekend four-star prospect Darrion Hutcherson made his first visit to Auburn since committing to the Tigers in late April. Taking part in Big Cat Weekend on the Plains, the 6-7, 245-pounder said the trip was everything he was hoping it would be after hearing so much about it.

"It was tons of fun," Hutcherson said. "It's just a way to meet new people and make new friends. What we're trying to do is build the number one recruiting class in the country. We worked real hard at that on Saturday and it should pay off.

"It was just a great day for everybody to get to know the coaches and the players better," Hutcherson added. "Everybody just came together and had a lot of fun. You definitely have fun there. There's nothing like that place."

Already committed along with fellow Big Cat Visitors such as Zeke Pike, Cassanova McKinzy and Josh Holsey, Hutcherson said he basically turned into another coach over the weekend as he and his fellow commitments turned into recruiters.

"It's great," Hutcherson said. "It's like I'm already one of the coaches. If somebody's dream was to play football and then become a coach then they can just jump on board and help recruit. That's kind of what it felt like for me on Saturday."

Despite surgery to clean up his non-throwing shoulder, Zeke Pike came to Auburn to hang out with Darrion Hutcherson at Big Cat Weekend.

One thing a class needs to become a top one is camaraderie and that is already developing with Auburn's 2012 group. In particular Hutcherson and Pike have become the leaders of the pack in trying to get other top prospects on board for the Tigers. Their friendship is something that has developed over time and Hutcherson said it was only strengthened once they got to spend some time together.

"We talked and texted, but it was all over the phone," Hutcherson said. "We had never met each other. We first shook hands on Friday in Coach (Gus) Malzahn's office. I stayed the night with him in the hotel and just chilled. I told him more about the town. It was just great bonding time. It's just great to meet new people and see new faces."

The work for Hutcherson and company has already paid off as four-star offensive tackle Shane Callahan from Colorado committed to the Tigers following his visit and several more players left saying the Tigers are very high on their list. After Auburn finished the 2011 rankings as the number one recruiting class in the country, Hutcherson said that's the goal once again.

"It's a good feeling to know I'm helping my program out to be the number one recruiting class," Hutcherson said. "I'm trying to help my coaches recruit players. If you have the number one recruiting class it then becomes about a 95 percent chance of a crystal football."

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