Q and A With AU Freshman Christian Westerman

Incoming freshman offensive lineman Christian Westerman talks about getting his career started at Auburn. He will report to campus on Tuesday.

ITAT: Talk about the excitement level for you right now. You've dreamed about playing college football and now it's almost here.

Westerman: "I just can't wait to get out there and start working with Auburn. I'm tired of training. I'm ready to get on the football field."

ITAT: Your father said you have been working out very hard. Talk some about your training this summer.

Westerman: "I have been training pretty hard. I have been working with a bunch of different people and some of my high school teammates trying to get ready for that different level."

ITAT: How much has it helped you to have people surrounding you who know what it takes to play college football?

Westerman: "It has definitely helped me a lot. They encourage you to push yourself harder to want to beat your opponent. You want to outwork your opponent. I am just working hard every day trying to get ready for that. I'm doing different workouts, but mainly the ones that Auburn is working on. They sent me a program so I'm already caught up to what they've been doing."

ITAT: After making your decision and signing with Auburn how relaxing has it been to just know where you were headed and how much fun has it been for you to get to know your future teammates?

Westerman: "It's definitely a lot easier knowing I have a comfortable feel for the school. I have already made a lot of friends and I'm cool with a lot of the players. I'm supposed to move into my dorm on Tuesday with Reese Dismukes. He's a good buddy of mine. We've made a good bond. It has just been a lot more relaxing knowing that recruiting is over and I'm in a place that is comfortable."

ITAT: Talk about being in Auburn for the BCS Championship Celebration. How special was that and how much fun was that for you and your family?

Westerman: "It was a lot of fun seeing what Auburn football is really about and how the fans just love the game. The other day I was just talking to a couple of fans when I was walking around the school. They were just telling me how crazy it is. I saw at the ceremony how much people love the game there. It was just a cool thing."

ITAT: I understand your family is going to have a place in Auburn so they can be around a lot during the football season. How big is that for you that they'll be around and be a part of things?

Westerman: "It definitely makes it a lot easier having my family here with me. I might be able to go spend some time with my mom after practice is over and things like that. My little sister is growing up and that's a big thing to me. We will have some time after practices and workouts so it will be nice to be able to see my family some."

ITAT: Just talk about your goals for your freshman season.

Westerman: "My main goal is to come in and start. If I can accomplish that then I'll take any kind of playing time. I don't care if it's on special teams or whatever. I think I have a chance to come in and earn some playing time."

ITAT: Have they told you where you're going to get looked at first, tackle or guard?

Westerman: "Tackle or guard. It doesn't matter. I just want to play."

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