Five-Star Defender Talks Tigers

Jordan Jenkins discusses his recent Auburn camp visit and what has the Tigers in the running for his signature.

Hamilton, Ga.—A five-star prospect and the number seven defensive end in the country by, Jordan Jenkins has offers from all over the country. Recently he took another visit to see one of his favorites as he was on hand for Auburn's Senior Mini-Camp. Coming to the Plains with 2013 teammate James Ellison, Jenkins said it was nice to get to see Auburn and the coaching staff again.

"I had a good time," Jenkins said. "I didn't really do a lot at the camp, but I got to bring some teammates up and they had a good time. Jay Ellison, I know the coaches are really interested in him. He's got quick feet and he's just a good football player. I think he's even got better feet than me."

Along with his teammate Jenkins had his parents along on his most recent visit to Auburn, something he said is important to him because they'll have a hand in helping him make a decision.

"It's always good because I like to have their input on things," Jenkins said. "I like to compare what I say with them. It's great to have them on trips with me because I wouldn't be where I'm at without them."

It's not just about football for Jenkins however as he's a fantastic student that is looking for something specific academically. In addition to his rapport with the staff it's one of the driving forces behind his interest in Auburn at the moment.

"They've got the engineering degree for me and that's something I really want," Jenkins said. "I just had to make sure they had one that fit my needs, architectural, civil or mechanical. Those are the only ones I wanted to major in. They have diverse programs so if I don't like one I could move to another. I just like being down there too."

With a good feel for the university academically and with the football program Jenkins said the only other thing he's looking for is a solid relationship with the coaching staff and the players on the team. Throwing all those factors in Jenkins said Auburn is definitely a school that has what he's looking for.

"That's really important because it's probably what I'm going to end up making my decision on," Jenkins said. "It's also going to be about how I feel when I'm down there. I really don't like being in the city because I feel like I'm in a cage. I like being in the country a little so I can go out to the lake and fish and relax.

"That's the feel I want to get at college. That's the feel I get when I'm at Auburn. I just like being able to know my coaches and know they're going to be there for me throughout my college years."

With offers in the dozens Jenkins is now settling in and getting ready for his senior season to begin at Harris County. Having narrowed things down to a manageable number, he noted that he's ready to slow things down and enjoy life as a senior for a little while before making a final decision.

"It's a good six schools," Jenkins said of his current list. "It's Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Tennessee in addition to Auburn. I think I'm going to end up picking from those six because I have been to each of them four or five times. Going to another college (to visit) where I've never been is just wasting my time and the coaches' time and also other players that might want to go there."

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