Offer From Tigers Excites QB Prospect

After standing out at a one day football camp at Auburn, a class of 2013 quarterback prospect picked up an offer from the Tigers.

Montgomery, Ala.--It may have rained all day on Auburn's football camp on Saturday, but for one of the participants it felt like a blue skies and sunny day on the Plains.

About a week ago after a strong performance at an Auburn basketball camp, rising junior forward Jeremy Johnson received a scholarship offer from Auburn men's basketball head coach Tony Barbee.

On Saturday evening, following Auburn's one-day July camp for football prospects in which he shined, Johnson picked up a scholarship offer from Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik to play for the Tigers.

"I was excited to get the basketball offer," Johnson says. "It feels great to get the football offer, too. I was hoping I would get one. With the tradition they have at Auburn, I feel blessed."

The football scholarship offer from Auburn didn't exactly come out of left field because Johnson has been building a relationship with offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Gus Malzahn, and he knew the Tigers were seriously interested.

"I love him," the quarterback says of the highly-regarded offensive coordinator. "They (the Auburn coaches) said they believe in me and they said they feel like I can help them win more championships."

There is a lot to like about Johnson. With excellent size, a strong arm, a quick release and good feet, he will be one of the top players in the state of Alabama this fall when he returns to Carver High for his junior year.

"Last football season I weighed 184 pounds and now I am at 195," he says. "I have grown an inch since last season and I am six-foot-five now. Hopefully, by the time football season starts I will be at least 200."

In basketball Johnson plays small forward and his athleticism is obvious. "The Auburn basketball camp went great and I performed really well," he says. "That was a good camp. There was a lot of talent there.

"The football camp went great and there were a lot of drills that I have been working on that Coach Malzahn uses for their quarterbacks as a warmup and I have been working on them all summer," Johnson points out. "It was great to have Coach Malzahn helping me in the drills we did.

"Coach Malzahn was telling what I was doing wrong and what I was doing well," the quarterback adds. "It just feels good to be around him because he is a great coach and I admire him a lot."

Johnson is shown in action as a sophomore for Carver High.

Carver has been strong in football in recent years and Johnson predicts another good year for the Wolverines. "We are going to be great, as usual. Offensive-wise, we are doing alright and on defense we are young, but they still have some experience and are still learning. Hopefully, by the start of the season Carver will be ready to go."

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