Wednesday SEC Media Days Live Blog

The SEC Media Days gets underway today with Commissioner Mike Slive opening things at 12:30. Stay tuned for comments from Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi State on Wednesday.

5:19--Mullen said the SEC is so tough that you can't circle any one game and know that's the one for you. He said every week top to bottom you've got to play at your best to win games.

Winning five consecutive championships is something the SEC can boast currently. Mullen said playing in a lot of big games each year prepares teams for winning it all.

5:13:Mullen said the most important thing on offense is to build it around the players you have. He said he doesn't need Chris Relf to be Alex Smith or Tim Tebow. He said you build your offense around the strengths of the players you have available.

5:10--Mullen and Mississippi State set school records for total offense and points scored last season.

5:04--Chris Relf is a player that has come a long way as a quarterback for the Bulldogs. Mullen said he has doubts that the Montgomery native could be a quarterback for the Bulldogs. He said Relf started to understand the offense and his role early in the season last year. Mullen said Relf has really picked up his offseason work in terms of watching film, etc. and that has played a big role in his development.

5:01--Mullen said they don't put a whole lot of stock into recruiting services because he trusts his coaching staff more than a third party.

4:58--Mullen said the goal at Miss. State is to win the SEC Championship, but he doesn't put a timetable on that. He said winning the home games is the key to doing that if you can sneak out a few road wins.

He said looking back on championship teams you can see how teams gelled and responded throughout the year. He said the Bulldogs have to be ready for those moments.

4:51--Dan Mullen has just taken the podium at SEC Media Days. He said there is a lot of excitement surrounding the Bulldogs after last season. He said they sold out season tickets the earliest in school history. He also said they are beginning a new football facility this fall.

4:30--South Carolina sophomore running back Marcus Lattimore said that dealing with expectations is something they are having to do for the first time in a while at South Carolina. "I think we can reach our goals. We have a great team and great players. Me and Alshon are going to be a big part of the offense and we've got a great offensive line. That's going to carry us the whole way."

Lattimore is considered one of the early favorites for the Heisman Trophy in 2011 despite being just a sophomore. He said for him it's a goal he's had since he was little and he's reminded of it every single day.

"I walk by George Rogers' Heisman Trophy every single day," Lattimore said. "It's something I dream about. Just to bring another one to the University of South Carolina would be amazing."

Lattimore had the largest crowd of any of the players that spoke on Wednesday.

4:13--Junior wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery said that he doesn't have any personal goals for this season. Rather, he wants the team to return to the SEC Championship game and then play for a national championship.
Jeffery said he thinks that quarterback Stephen Garcia is a great leader for the Gamecocks and that he expects him to be under center this fall. If Garcia isn't back at quarterback, Jeffery said he is confident that someone else would step up at the position. "We believe in Stephen, so no matter what we've got his back."
Jeffery on what he takes from the experience of playing in the SEC Championship game against Auburn, but falling short: "It was great experience—something we can learn from because, if you think about it, all great teams, they must lose first to win."

3:57--Spurrier said in his opinion college football players and basketball players should share in a little more than the other athletes because of the enormous amount of money made now. He said if there was a way to be able to do that he would be all in favor of it.

3:53--On Wednesday Slive said they would like to make scholarships a multi-year deal instead of just one year. Spurrier said that's a terrible idea and one he doesn't agree with. He said you have to earn your way in life and it's the same in football.

3:45--Spurrier was questioned about full contact practices at South Carolina and he said the rules that have lessened contact have made it a better game. He said when the Army practices against each other they don't use live bullets so he doesn't want to wear his team out in practice and risk injuries. He said they use the "thud" method in most practices where players are taken to the ground after contact. That's what Auburn has been doing for several years dating back to the Tommy Tuberville era.

3:41--Spurrier laughed that today he pulled up in a smaller airplane while Dan Mullen came on a Mississippi State jet. He said they do things cheaply at South Carolina, which drew a laugh from the crowd.

3:37--Spurrier said they feel like Stephen Garcia is a good kid, but they didn't want to kick him off the team for stupidity.

He said Alshon Jeffrey is checking in at 230 pounds after arriving at South Carolina around 245 pounds. Spurrier said that's a good weight for the big receiver.

3:33--The head ball coach didn't want to touch the subject of NCAA requirements for eligibility that Mike Slive talked about earlier today. He said he feels like things are pretty good right now with that.

Spurrier said it was a big boost to get a guy like Clowney because it shows that the top players believe in what they are doing at South Carolina.

As for how long he will remain coaching he said it could be several more years if they keep winning, but he said if it was going bad he would probably be gone. He said one of the reasons for success is because of his current coaching staff.

3:30--Spurrier said that he feels like Marcus Lattimore is the best running back in the country and Alshon Jeffrey is the best wide receiver in the country. He said it's nice to have some talent to work with.

He said Stephen Garcia has done everything they've asked of him, but will have to battle Conner Shaw for the starting job in fall practice.

3:25--South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier said one thing that gives the Gamecocks hope is that they've kept the instate talent at home. They have signed the top player in the state three years in a row. The latest is Jadaveon Clowney at defensive end. Spurrier said he'll play early and often this season.

3:16--William Green is back home in Hoover after playing his high school career at Spain Park. Green said he's excited about playing this fall in a bigger role after basically playing a back-up role for much of his career. Green said he's expecting to play both defensive end and outside linebacker for the Gators.

3:12--Senior quarterback John Brantley on how the transition has been under the new coaching staff: "It's been good. Coach Muschamp and Coach Weis and the entire staff have made the transition really easy for us and made us feel real comfortable. We're just trying to go out there everyday and learn."
On what transitioning to his third offense under as many coordinators entails: "I got to get used to taking snaps under center again, doing my footwork from under center, and with this new offense, there's a lot more verbiage that I've got to learn. Like I said, Coach Weis has made the transition really easy for us. He's taught us so much right now in the playbook and all I'm going to do is just keep learning from here on out."

2:58--Muschamp said he doesn't think depth problems on the Gators offensive line should affect or limit what the Gators will try to do on offense. He said that if injuries do occur, he's confident in his coaching staff to get the team through the tough times.

2:50--Muschamp said that they can't afford any injuries up front on defense and offense, adding that they'll have to cross-train at each position to prepare for any that occur.
Muschamp on recruiting and roster management: "Our policy at Florida is that we don't oversign and we don't grayshirt."

2:46--On coaching philosophy: "The worst thing you can do in a leadership position is trying to be something you're not," said Muschamp, who added as an example that Weis will be better calling the plays and instructing the quarterbacks than he could be. Muschamp said that his greatest enjoyment is coaching on defense and he will continue to do that at Florida.

2:42--On the process of hiring Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator: Muschamp said he wanted to hire someone who had both college and NFL experience, as well as experience recruiting high school athletes. As he went through the process, he said, Charlie Weis' name kept emerging.

2:37--Muschamp provided further clarification on the status of Demps, saying that he likes to talk with people face-to-face, so he has to wait until Demps comes back from Italy, ending his remark with "And I ain't never been to Italy."

2:30--Muschamp said he will meet with running back Jeff Demps after he returns from Italy and will update his status afterward. He added that he expects Demps to be a part of the football team this fall.

2:27--Florida head coach Will Muschamp is talking now, saying he is happy to be back in the SEC. He said he is pleased with the progress of his team in the offseason. He said the coaches were able to identify their playmakers on both sides of the ball and were able to install his defense and Weis' offense.
He also said that Weis has been valuable addition to the coaching staff because of his experience and his being a head coach previously.

1:50--Junior defensive end Tenarius Wright said the next step the Razorbacks need to make is a mental one. "We have to realize that we're a good team," he said. Wright said preparing mentally through watching film and practice is part of that step for the team.

1:28--Petrino said he still thinks the Razorbacks

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