Blake Ready For Expanded Role In AU Offense

Emory Blake comments on the Tigers while at SEC Football Media Days.

Hoover, Ala.--After emerging as one of Auburn's most dependable wideouts as a sophomore in 2010, Emory Blake will counted on to increase his production and be a leader for some of the younger wide receivers this season.

This summer he and the older players on the team having been working out with the younger players making sure they are up to speed on their assignments when practice starts on August 3rd.

"We have a lot of young talent, lot of young guys coming up that need to play, so definitely to help them out and help them get on the field as quick as possible," Blake said.

One young player who is expected to make an impact this year is redshirt freshman wide receiver Trovon Reed, who was granted a medical redshirt for an injured knee although he saw action in a couple games early last season.

"Trovon looks good," Blake said. "His knee's looking real healthy. He's very dangerous out in the open field, punt returning and stuff like that. He's going to be a force to be reckoned with."

Blake also said DeAngelo Benton, Quindarius Carr, Travante Stallworth and incoming freshmen Sammie Coates and Quan Bray look good as well.

"They're just learning, and we're trying to bring them along as quick as possible so they can get on the field also," he said.

Blake said he has had no issues transitions to the number one wide receiver role because he already had a good grasp of the position from being in offensive coordinator Malzahn's system for two years.

Emory Blake

Blake also said he expects that the offense will be as productive as it was last season, especially in the passing game, although it will operate differently with the loss of Cam Newton to the NFL.

"With Cam (Newton) not being there, it will be a slightly different, but the game plan is still going to be the same," Blake said. "Malzahn's not going to change his offense for anybody, and he's going to run the same plays and maybe it might turn out a little bit differently because Cam's not there to run it or someone's not there to make this particular play."

Blake said the most striking thing about offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is his attention to detail. "I mean if I run a route and it's not at the right depth, if it's literally half a foot too short, he's going to correct it and say "you need to run it over again. It wasn't 10 yards,'" Blake said. "He won't let any little thing slide and that's what makes him such a great coach."

He also offered his opinion on all of the potential starting quarterbacks, Barrett Trotter, Clint Moseley and Kiehl Frazier.

"Kiehl just got here, so it's hard to judge him right now," Blake said. "I can see his arm though, tight spiral, but he has yet to learn the offense.

"Barrett and Moseley have been in the offense two years," he added. "They know what's expected of them. The timing doesn't change with them in Malzahn's system--the drop back and the steps don't change so it'll just come down to the guy that makes the plays this fall."

Blake also explained his position on rumors that frequently swirl about the recruitment of Cam Newton, possible NCAA penalties, and whether it affects how he feels about Auburn's 2010 BCS national championship.

"Being a student athlete, going to class, working out in the morning, having workouts, having practice, you really don't have time to worry about all that stuff," he said. "It's not something I can control, so it's not something I'm going to worry about." He added, with a smile, "I still feel good about winning the national championship," he added.

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