Talented 2013 LB High On Tigers

2013 linebacker Trey Johnson talks about his Tuesday trip to Auburn.

Lawrenceville, Ga.—For 2013 linebacker prospect Trey Johnson life at Central Gwinnett High is good. Already with over two dozen offers and considered one of the top linebacker prospects in the South for next year, Johnson is living the good life. However he said for him it's just tough enough to live up to the standards set by another linebacker at his school.

Playing for Central Gwinnett before starring at Georgia Tech, Ted Roof is considered a legend for his play in high school and Johnson said they talk about that all the time.

"He's like a legend at my school," Johnson said. "I'm trying to live up to him but he says I'm better than he is. But I'm saying, ‘I'll never be as good as you were.'

"It's a real good relationship," he added. "I really like him. He's really open and he likes to explain and break things down. He gives you different ways to learn. It's really good."

On Tuesday the two had another chance to talk about that and more as Johnson along with his father and several coaches from Central Gwinnett visited Auburn. Spending time with Roof and several Auburn players and coaches, Johnson said it was nice to see that side of things after camping on the Plains in June.

"Today we just really watched film and talked about the defense they run, the different things I would be doing in my role playing for them," Johnson said. "I could really see how I would fit into the defense.

"It was real good," he added. "It let me know how they are about their team meetings and coaching. It's different than on the field because last time at camp I got to work with them on the field. This really showed me how they are in the classroom.

"It's real good because another part of the game, it's really important to watch film and have a good understanding of the game. You have to know what everybody on the field is doing for the position I play so that's real major part."

Johnson said his goal is to narrow his list down to a Top 10 sometime this fall. With a good feeling about Auburn already and a relationship with Roof continuing to get stronger, he added that the Tigers are the only team he's certain will make that list.

"I love pretty much everything," Johnson said. "I love the facilities, the coaches. The players love it there so it just has to be great there."

Auburn is one of several schools he has visited this spring and summer in order to get an early start on recruiting and to help him make an informed decision when he's narrowing his list down.

"It's been a big deal," Johnson said. "You get to compare and see what each team has to offer. They all have something special to offer. A lot of them are in the same conference -- the SEC -- but you really get to compare them. Some teams rule themselves out. Other ones you have to wait until the time comes and you really know where you want to go."

Johnson said he's trying to focus on his upcoming season now with practices beginning Monday. Once that gets settled in he said he'll begin to think some about recruiting again including taking visits to games. He said one place he's for sure going to be this fall is Jordan-Hare Stadium and likely for the Alabama and Florida games.

"I'll be back to Auburn," he noted. "Auburn is only like two hours away from me so it's close. I still have to focus on my season. When the season is over I might make it to a Florida game or really anywhere."

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