Q&A and Highlights of AU Commit T.J. Yeldon

Four-star running back T.J. Yeldon discusses recruiting and his performance in Daphne's 24-21 preseason victory over Clay-Chalkville on Friday at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery. Highlights from the game are also featured in this report.

T.J. Yeldon Profile

How did it feel to get the pads popping against someone other than your teammates?
Yeldon: "It was good. The offense got off a little slow and we had to pick it up in the third quarter so it was good."

You had a really good third quarter personally, around 150 all-purpose yards just in the third quarter. What changed for you?
Yeldon: "We just had to motivate the offensive linemen. They pushed around the defensive linemen (for Clay-Chalkville) and we had a good second half."

The kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half... You caught it and it looked like a seam just opened up for you. Walk me through what you saw on the play.
Yeldon: "I haven't gotten a kickoff since my sophomore year and I returned all of those. This is my first year starting to catch them and I knew I would return one back because no one out here is as fast as me. I was pretty confident and I just hit it."

Did you have to make anybody miss or make any cuts?
Yeldon: "Oh it was just the kicker. I had to make him miss, but it was easy. Kickers can't tackle me."

(Yeldon raced 90 yards up the middle of the field for a score on the kickoff).

On that next drive you guys followed that with a touchdown and you had a bulk of the carries. What was working for you on that drive?
Yeldon: "I was just rushing and getting yards. I saw the offensive line moving the defensive line more and the holes were open. It was a good drive for us."

On the touchdown it looked like a play up the middle...
Yeldon: "Yeah, they stacked all of their defensive linemen over to their right side so I had to bounce out."

(Yeldon's four-yard touchdown scamper gave Daphne a 24-7 advantage midway through the third quarter).

What are your team goals this year after winning the title last year?
Yeldon: "We're trying to repeat, but we have to fill in the keys and stuff. We had a lot of missed plays this game, but we'll look at the film and be better next game."

Is Coach (Glenn) Vickery going to have a few words for you after your fumbles early in the game?
Yeldon: "I had to take off the gloves. I was wearing some new gloves and I took them off for the second half."

You got your commitment (to Auburn) out of the way a couple of months ago. Has that made things easy for you to go out and practice, get better, and not worry about phone calls or anything else?
Yeldon: "Kind of. Some colleges still call me. It's gotten a little easier for me."

Are they still recruiting you and wanting you to line up visits?
Yeldon: "Yeah… yeah."

Which schools?
Yeldon: "Alabama for now. They can't really start calling me. They tell me to call them on facebook, but I don't ever call them. I don't get on facebook very often. But Sept. 1, I think, is when they can start calling me."

Well how are you feeling about that? Are you just going to take visits to Auburn this fall or are you thinking about taking official visits to somewhere else?
Yeldon: "I'm taking all of my official visits with my teammates. It's going to be pretty fun to hang out for the last time."

With Ryan (Anderson) being committed to Alabama, is he pressuring you any?
Yeldon: "All the time. Every time I'm at his house—we're best friends. We stay with each other a lot. I always hear him on the phone with the coaches from Alabama."

How is that practicing against him and some of the other guys you all have on defense. Does that make you a better player?
Yeldon: "It does, but we don't really hit at practice very much. We just thud up high, but not low."

So no big Auburn/Alabama competition?
Yeldon: "Not unless the defense takes cheap shots on us. We go at it then."

What's your role been with Auburn and this recruiting class? Have you been helping to recruit some other prospects?
Yeldon: "I try to help out, but I don't like talking to people. I just stay quiet."

When is the next time you'll be in Auburn?
Yeldon: "I'll probably be up to watch a game."

Do you have any official visits lined up?
Yeldon: "Not yet."

Highlights of Yeldon vs. Clay-Chalkville are featured on the link below.

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