Barrett Battered But Ready to Rebound

Auburn QB Barrett Trotter talks about taking some hits in the loss to Clemson and bouncing back as an offense.

Auburn, Ala.—For Auburn quarterback Barrett Trotter the loss to Clemson last Saturday was a different experience.

Not only was it the first time he had been a part of a loss going all the way back to late in the 2009 season, it was also the most physical game for him in his time as a college quarterback. Taking several big shots from the Clemson defense, Trotter said he's bruised from the loss but is ready to move forward and get the Tigers back on track.

"I'm sore," Trotter said. "It's definitely the most I have been hit in quite some time--a couple of years.

"Some of it was miscommunication," he said of the pressure. "Some of it was me holding onto the ball too long. Some of it was the offensive line. It was a combination of a lot of different things. You can't pinpoint it to one guy or one anything, it's just a combination."

Saying he's ready to go after practicing Sunday night, Trotter is just one of the guys on an offense looking to improve after the loss to Clemson. While the defense gets much of the blame for the 38-24 setback, the offense put up just three points on the scoreboard in the second half and managed to go just 5-13 in the third down conversion department. Trotter said many of the problems on offense come down to little mistakes here or there.

"I thought we did some things really well," Trotter said. "Other times it would break your heart to see how close we were to making a play work and getting an extra 10 or 15 yards and instead we ended up with a negative play not good for us. We've got to fix that and make sure those kinds of things don't happen."

Trotter and the Tigers return to the practice field on Tuesday evening as they continue preparations for a 6 p.m. home game on Saturday vs. the FAU Owls.

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