Q&A With Auburn Senior Kenny Gabriel

Auburn basketball forward Kenny Gabriel does a Q&A with Inside the Auburn Tigers and AUTigers.com.

Ken Gabriel

Kenny Gabriel

Auburn, Ala.--The following is an Inside the Auburn Tigers one-on-one question and answer session with Auburn basketball player Kenny Gabriel, a senior from Charlotte, N.C.

The six-foot-eight forward averaged 10.3 points and 5.8 rebounds for the Tigers last season. He averaged 26.6 minutes of playing time per game as a junior and was named SEC Player of the Week the final week of the regular season after he averaged 20 points and nine rebounds per game in victories over LSU and Ole Miss.

Who is the most improved player on this season's Auburn basketball team?

Gabriel: "That is a tough question because we all have been working hard on our game going back to the summer. It's hard to select one person, but I can say that we have gotten better as a team."

What is your favor part of playing basketball?

Gabriel: "Without a doubt it is playing offense and it has been my favorite part of the game ever since I started playing."

I know you have been working on gaining weight for more than a year now when you went into the season listed as a 190-pounder. I know you have gained close to 20 pounds. What is your favorite food to gain weight?

Gabriel: "Anything you throw at me I will eat, but my favorite would probably be pizza."

How many calories a day do you try to consume? Gabriel: "About 4,000--at the least."

Kenny Gabriel is starting his third season with the Tigers.

Who has the most interesting personality on your team and why?

Gabriel: "I would say Josh Wallace because he is like a little, funny comedian."

What do you enjoy most about college basketball?

Gabriel: "Just the atmosphere of a lot of the games we play. You get an adrenalin rush when you are out on the court getting to play in front of a big crowd."

What is the most difficult part of being a student-athlete at the college level?

Gabriel: "As a student it would be making sure to use your time wisely so you can juggle academics and academics, and do it every single day."

Who is your favorite singer or musical group?

Gabriel: "My favorite rapper would probably be Lil Wayne. He has a different type style than a lot of others."

What is your all-time favorite movie?

Gabriel: "It would be Love And Basketball...or Remember the Titans. I should put Coach Carter in there, too. That's a good one."

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