'All Talk And No Truth,' Former Tiger Says

Former Tiger Jeris McIntyre comments on the news that Auburn's football program is in the clear with the NCAA in the Cam Newton case.

Tampa, Fla.--A former Auburn football player said Wednesday night that he was not surprised that his alma mater received good news that a look into the university's football program by the NCAA found no wrongdoing by the Tigers.

Former Tiger wide receiver Jeris McIntyre was an outspoken critic of media reports claiming that Auburn had broken NCAA rules in the recruiting of Cam Newton. He was also critical of an HBO Real Sports episode in which four former Auburn players claimed to have received illegal benefits while at Auburn.

On Wednesday the university released a letter from the NCAA announcing that it had wrapped up its look into the Auburn program and found no major violations. That backed up statements made last year by Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs and Coach Gene Chizik the Auburn football program had done nothing wrong.

McIntyre was one of the former Auburn players who was contacted by HBO to be a part of the show. A second generation Auburn player whose father was a running back for the Tigers in the 1970s, McIntyre said the news confirms what he already knew about the university and the way the athletic department works.

"When I first heard the news it was quite humorous somewhat," McIntyre said. "You kind of want to look back and be like ‘I told you so,' but the true Auburn family knows how things are done at Auburn and the former players know. To see that it was nothing, it made me look back and it shows we do it the right way. It was all talk and no truth to it."

While national columnists and television commentators continued to drag Auburn's name through the mud time and time again, McIntyre said he was confident in the long run the Tigers would not have NCAA problems from the charges made concerning Newton or the HBO show.

"There was never a doubt in my mind," he said. "Just from seeing and hearing the things that were said, it just didn't add up. It was so crazy. It didn't add up at all.

"From seeing the different guys that were saying things that never even played and were saying they got this and that, their stories just didn't add up," McIntyre added. "I don't think anybody who really knows Auburn, or is a fan or a former player, who believed it even a little bit."

Both Jacobs and Chizik have taken heat from AU fans since last fall for not being more proactive in publically defending the Auburn program. McIntyre said as far as he is concerned they did things the right way.

"They know what really went down which was nothing," McIntyre said. "They let the NCAA do its job. The NCAA did what they had to do and investigated and it came out nothing was wrong, not only in the Cam situation, but with the ordeal with HBO as well.

"You had different people saying things and when it was time to talk to the NCAA they didn't want to say anything. That tells you in a nutshell that nothing went down. Gene Chizik and Jay Jacobs handled it the way it was supposed to be handled. They did their part and the NCAA did its job. It came out the way we all knew it would come out."


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