Quoting Gene Chizik After AU's 17-6 Win

Comments from a happy Auburn head football coach are featured after his team's victory over the Florida Gators.

Auburn, Ala.--Comments from Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik are featured after his team's 17-6 victory over the Florida Gators on Saturday night.

"That was a great win. That was a great all-around team win. I don't think there was any question about it that every phase of our football team contributed, and that was a very good, very talented football team that we beat tonight. No question about that.

"My hat's off to our coaching staff all the way around. Coach Roof and the defensive staff just did a tremendous job. I think our defense is getting better every week. I think that is something that is obviously one of our goals because we've had a lot of room for improvement.

"Offensively at times we were not really where we wanted to be, but when we had to get first downs, when we had to have a couple of big plays in there, we were able to do that. Then, the kicking game again was off the charts. I really feel like it was the difference in the ball game. Our punt game was outstanding. Our coverage was outstanding. Again, I think we had two turnovers simply because we were getting great height on the ball and getting great coverage down there in the returner's face. I really think it was a great win for Auburn.

"We had a lot of ex-players come back for this game and it's for our great fans because they played a huge part in this as well as they always do. The home field advantage that we get playing at home is something that we certainly love to play in front of. So, it was a win for everybody. It was a great win so I am very proud of our staff. I am really, really, really proud of our players, and it was just a great win for Auburn."

On the quarterback situation?

"We will evaluate it and we made a change at halftime and put Clint (Moseley) in there and Barrett (Trotter) has done a real nice job for us, and so we are not in any way shape or form saying Barrett can't play anymore. That's not the message.

"The message is that we needed a spark, and we needed to see if we could get something going offensively. Clint came in and had a couple of big plays down the field…one to Q (Quindarius) Carr and one to Philip Lutzenkirchen at critical times in the game. We needed to swap the field position in both of those cases. We needed to score or swap the field position, and we did that so he came in and gave us a spark, but we used Kiehl (Frazier) tonight again, expanded his package a little bit, and we will continue to do that.

"But as far as I know the question that everybody is going to ask is what now? What does that mean? Quarterback-wise we are going to evaluate the game like we always do, and we will proceed from there. I am not going to stand up here and say that all of a sudden there are all these changes and all of those different things. I don't know the answer to that right now. I have to go see the film. Again, it was the right people making plays at the right time. I think that is what won the ball game."

On stopping Florida's perimeter run game:

"I felt like we had to set edges to our defense, and when we didn't set an edge to our defense, the week before it resulted in a long touchdown (at Arkansas) so most of the year we've been doing it pretty effectively in terms of setting the edge to the defense. At least certainly the last few weeks we have. So that was going to be the name of the game with these guys…setting the edge of the defense, and they did a lot of different things with different people at quarterback.

"They had different ideas with different people which made it a little bit difficult to game plan for who was doing what. I thought the outside perimeter run game pursuit and tackling was very good tonight."

On proving the prognosticators wrong in being 5-2 right now:

"I am happy that we had the win tonight. Quite frankly, our expectation at this point in time was to be 7-0. I mean really that is what our players thought. That's what our coaches thought, and we had our chances to win two games to win the two that we lost. We lost two football games to two top 10 teams and had our chances. We are happy we won the game tonight. We are happy that we are getting better as a football team in different areas. We have a lot of work to do in some areas, and I think that was obvious tonight. But at the end of the day, we have fought and clawed and scratched to five wins, and that is how we are going to have to do it."

On DeAngelo Benton's TD catch:

"I think it is enormous. I think it is huge. He was down after last week. He knew he had opportunities and he knew that he did not capitalize on those opportunities and so to see a young guy that has worked so hard. I am so proud of him. With his background and what he has been through it is just awesome to see a guy like that score a touchdown tonight, and that was not your routine catch. He had to go up and grab that ball and snatch it and bring it down, and he did that. So, hopefully that will give him some more confidence moving forward."

On Emory Blake, who played briefly as he continues to recover from an ankle injury:

"I think he is making some strides. We just didn't feel like he was at the place where he could go in there and be effective at getting off press coverage and doing all of the things. We didn't want to take the chance of him going out there and playing 10 plays, him losing ground on how much he has gained in terms of getting better and then he is out three more weeks. So, we will continue to rehab him and continue to treat him. Hopefully, he will be getting better."

On Auburn being able to pressure the quarterback more in recent games?

"I just think defensively the kids are really executing the plan. I just think whether it is four man rush, I think we are getting a little more pressure or whether it is true blitz pressure, and I think Ted (Roof) has done a good job of really mixing up the calls and mixing up the coverages. Again, I just think overall the defense is gaining confidence, and they understand the importance of pressuring the quarterback and what that does for you getting off the field or keeping you out of those 3rd and 2 and 3rd and 3 situations. I think they've continued to improve and get better in that regard."

On Auburn's special teams:

"That's what I am saying. Our punt unit, our special teams unit, we've said it all year, they are game changers. For us a game changer is not necessarily always a guy dropping a punt, and we recover it. Obviously that is a no brainer game changer. Game changers for us is switching field position because we are a team that has to win by field position. That's it. That's where we are at, and Steven (Clark) has done a great job of: A, flipping field position for us numerous times and B, tonight punting some of those balls up there that bring rain.

"I mean those things are in the clouds and our coverage is excellent, and when you can get that kind of hang time on your punts and you have Onterio McCalebb or Ikeem Means or one of those guys in the returner's face. That causes problems."

On Clint Moseley:

"I am really proud of Clint. I really am. I am really proud of him. We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago, and I just said, ‘Hey, when your time comes, shame on you at the opportunity presents itself and you're not ready' and I think he took that to heart. And I didn't say that for any reason other than I just felt like that it was really time to talk to Clint about in practice really upping his game and upping his level, and the opportunity presented itself tonight and there will be things that we look back on that he didn't do well, but again, he sparked enough in our offense at the times that we needed it to be able to help us to win the game.

"I am really proud of him. I thought he played with poise. I thought he held his poise, and I thought that under pressure he did a nice job."

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