Kodi Burns Weighs In on the Quarterback Race

Kodi Burns is no stranger to controversy, but the former quarterback is now a wonderful example of what is possible when you put the team before your own interests. The experiences he's gone through make him a perfect mentor for the current quarterbacks at Auburn.

Kodi Burns is the exception to the rule in major college football. He is a player that chose to put the team's interest before his own, a player that took charge when division threatened his team, a player that no one would have blamed if he wanted to take his talents elsewhere. But when the going got tough, and he was told they no longer needed him at the quarterback position, Kodi stayed.

"There was never a second thought. I thought about it, and prayed about it. It was an easy decision for me to be able to make that move, and go from there."

Kodi will always be remembered for an emotional speech he gave to his teammates after deciding to stay and become a wide receiver.

"I told them, I don't care if you guys really wanted me to play quarterback or not, the bottom line is the coaches made the decision and we have to get behind the quarterback now, and do what's best for this team to get to a BCS game. Ultimately we were able to do that in two years."

That sacrifice made his role in the BCS national championship game that much sweeter.

"It was a lot of fun; it's something I will remember for the rest of my life, the first actual touchdown. It just seemed like everything came together for a reason."

kodi was on the sidelines for the Florida game, and he felt for Barrett Trotter.

"My heart goes out to Trotter because I know how he feels, but at the same time the coaches have to put the best player on the field, and Clint Moseley did a great job against Florida. It's not over for Barrett, he needs to know that. He's always just one play away, so keep preparing every game and be ready."

But he also knows that Moseley has earned this opportunity to make a difference starting for Auburn in Tiger Stadium on Saturday.

"It's great for Clint. These days in college football you never know when you are going to be replaced. Clint is like my little brother, we talk all of the time and text. I've always told him to be patient, you will get your chance. Just like I told him on the field, after the Florida game, you got your chance and you made the most of it. I was probably the most excited person for him."

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