One-On-One With Basketball's Frankie Sullivan

Frankie Sullivan discusses a variety of subjects in this question and answer session with Inside the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn, Ala.--Frankie Sullivan is a junior for Coach Tony Barbee's Auburn basketball team. He was a key performer for the Tigers his first two seasons, but missed most of the 2010-2011 season due to a knee injury.

After redshirting and rehabbing, the six-foot-one guard from R.C. Hatch High School in Uniontown is expected to be a key player for the Tigers. Sullivan did this question and answer session with Inside the Auburn Tigers.

Who is the most interesting personality on the team, and you can't include yourself?

Sullivan: (Laughing) "It would have to be Josh Langford. Hands down, Josh Langford. Josh will say something to you every day, and I'm like huh? Like what did you just say? And, he's just funny.

"In the locker room, we'll be joking around and Josh Langford's always going to say something inside the locker room to get you going before practice or before we work out or something. It's always great to work out with Josh."

What is the most enjoyable part for you about being a college basketball player?

Sullivan: "I will say the atmosphere. You get to grow up and get away from your parents, and the coaches teach you how to be a man, not only on the court, but off the court.

"The thing that you learn in college as a basketball player is that nothing is going to be given to you. You have got to earn your spot. After high school everybody comes in thinking he's the man, but you have to earn your spot. You learn a lot from basketball about real life, how and when you have to work, and you're not going to get promoted the first day. You actually have to work from the bottom to get to the top. That is one thing I've learned by coming to Auburn."

I asked some of your teammates who are trying to get bigger what their favorite food is to gain weight. I guess I have to ask you what is the toughest food to lay off of to get back to your playing weight?

Sullivan: "(Laughing) Oh my. I have to lay off the cookies. I'm a cookie monster! I will drive from here to the mall, it's like a ten minute drive, just for cookies, and then I'll come right back. I'm a cookie fanatic. I have to give them up."

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you in a basketball game?

"We were playing UT-Martin (2009 NIT) my freshman year. I was going against their star guard, I think his name is (Lester) Hudson, and I hit his elbow on a jump shot. He looked and me and asked, ‘Did you really just hit me?' And I looked at him said, ‘Yeah, I did, like I was going to beat him up or whatever, and he said, ‘I'm going back to the same spot, I'm going to take the same jump shot and I'm going to knock it down.' He did it and I'm thinking, ‘Okay, I'm dealing with a pro right now. I'm going to have to lock up.'"

What are the most interesting things about the new players on the team?

Frankie Sullivan

Sullivan: "I would say all the new guys bring something different. Willy (Kouassi) brings great energy in the post. He is always blocking shots, contesting shots, making awesome shots. That's going to help us out a lot because last year our paint presence wasn't really big like that. When you come to the paint he is going to be there. If you get beat off the dribble on defense, you have got somebody back there to block shots.

"I can also say that Bernard (Morena) is a good defensive player. He is really going to help us out on the defensive end.

"Ced (Cedric McAfee) is a great scorer. He is going to help us out on the offensive end and give us a little spark. Hopefully, we won't score just 11 points in one half and stuff like that. He is going to help us out.

"With Varez Ward you have got this quick guard. He can guard the quick guards and the bigger guards. He's going to be good. He's got versatility and his court vision is impeccable. You can't deny his court vision to anybody. Passes that he sees I wouldn't normally see or even try, and people know that I try some crazy stuff. He knows how to get the ball to you and he is a great defensive player, which you want in your point guard, along with being a team leader.

"I have learned from Noel Johnson since he got here He is a good shooter. His jump shot, the way he handles the ball and the way he moves, he is really smooth."

What sport would Frankie Sullivan be playing if basketball had not been invented?

Sullivan: "I'm pretty sure that I would have been playing football or baseball. That's what I played when I was younger. I really liked baseball more than anything because I got to pitch, and the pitcher can be joking and you're the team leader. I always was the guy who wanted to be a leader and being the pitcher really helped me out. In football I played probably until I was about 12 years old. It was great for me, but I just didn't like the fact that I would be itching all day. It's no fun being in the sun all the time."

Who's your favorite musical group or musician?

Sullivan: "My favorite musical group or musician? (Laughing) I would have to say Jay-Z. Jay Z is a great guy. It's not only about his beats or the dancing, I'm not into all that stuff. I am more about the lyrics and trying to get the message across, and Jay-Z does that when you listen to him."

"What is your favorite all-time movie?

"My favorite would have to be He Got Game. I love that movie. I love the fact that the guy is coming from a rural area like myself. It lets you know that anybody can make it if you make the right decisions and put forth the hard work for the thing you want to do."

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