Recruits Respond: Alabama vs. LSU

Almost 200 recruits were in Tuscaloosa Saturday night for the game of the year between Alabama and LSU. Andrew Bone provides more than 25 prospects who gave their thoughts on the game.

Reggie Ragland, five-star LB, Madison-Bob Jones, Ala. (Alabama commitment): "They shot themselves in the foot with the missed chances, but you saw why they are both ranked 1 and 2 in the country. I hope Bama gets another chance at playing them in the title game."

Geno Smith, National 100 CB, Atlanta-St. Pius X, Ga. (Alabama commitment): "It was a pretty good defensive game. Bama should have won though."

Adam Griffith, No. 1 kicker, Griffin, Ga. (Alabama commitment): "I feel bad for the kicker, but I know he will do good next time. The game was crazy."

Chris Black, National 100 WR, Jacksonville-First Coast, Fla. (Alabama commitment): "Tough loss. I still feel like they played hard. We just didn't take advantage of the opportunities we had and made a few mistakes. We're still the greatest team in the country. The atmosphere was crazy. Never seen nothing like it. Feels great to know I'll be a part of that next year."

Kenyan Drake, four-star running back Powder Springs-Hillgrove, Ga. (Alabama commitment): "It was the best atmosphere that I've ever been a part of. A little disappointed in the outcome, but both teams played great."

Sony Michel, 2014 running back, Plantation-American Heritage, Fla.: "The atmosphere at Alabama was something different for me. It was not like Miami, they had 104,000 people there. They were into the game the entire time, and it was a great experience for me."

Justin Shanks, National 100 defensive tackle, Prattville, Ala. (Florida State commitment): "I loved both defenses. The atmosphere was loud and wild."

Jameis Winston: five-star quarterback, Hueytown, Ala (Florida State commitment): "It was a great game atmosphere. Many missed opportunities on both sides. I loved being a part of that atmosphere. The best defensive game I've seen."

Torshiro Davis, Four-star LB, Shreveport-Woodlawn, La. (LSU commitment): "It was a great game. Alabama should have won the game. They just couldn't hit those field goals. Alabama nor LSU's defenses were giving up anything. From what I could see the offenses just needed to be a little bit better."

Kurt Freitag, three-star tight end, Buford, Ga.: "It was a great game. I thought Alabama should've won. They got robbed on the one-yard line. Overall the atmosphere was like nothing I've ever seen at a football game. I feel like I can learn a lot from coach Saban and really like the way Alabama runs their program."

Kyron Samuels, three-star center, Fairhope, Ala: "Craziest atmosphere ever. Lived up to all the hype. [I] felt like Bama out-played LSU, but the missed field goals were key."

Bo Scarborough, 2014 running back, Tuscaloosa-Northridge, Ala: "That's exactly what I wanted to see. It was a good game. It was a defensive game. The atmosphere there was just awesome. I am wishing when I get to college whatever school I go to be like that. The loud crowd never gave up."

Racean Thomas, 2014 running, Oxford, Ala.: "The atmosphere was outstanding. I really enjoyed it considering that the No. 1 and No. 2 team are going head-to-head. It was just a great experience."

Brandon Greene, four-star offensive tackle, Ellenwood-Cedar Grove, Ga. (Alabama commitment): "There really is nothing to say. It was a good game. Things just happen. Still Roll Tide. The atmosphere was super hype."

Amari Cooper, four-star wide receiver, Miami-Northwestern, Fla. (Alabama commitment): "It was great. It's always so great there. This was the craziest I've probably seen it, but the fans are amazing."

Greg Gilmore, National 2013 defensive tackle: "The game was the best part of the visit for me because of how the fans love their team and the noise they make. I couldn't even talk to my mom next to me because of how loud it was. I left with a great first impression."

Brice Ramsey, National 100 2013 quarterback (Georgia commitment): "This was my first visit to Alabama, and it was a good trip. The atmosphere was crazy, and I had a lot of fun. The facilities are great, they have a really nice campus, and the coaches are all really nice."

Nick Ruffin, 2014 athlete, Atlanta-St. Pius X, Ga.: "Alabama was an unrealistic experience for me. I was placed among the top recruits in the nation at a game where only the best played. It was just amazing to see how wild and crazy the atmosphere was there. The fans, the lights, and the sounds really drew me in. It was hard to get away from it."

Mark Dodson, 2013 running back, Memphis-Whitehaven, Tenn.: "It was a great, hard and physical game. I love the atmosphere down in Bama. It's crazy. I like the atmosphere at Alabama, but overall the ground and pound."

Tramel Terry, National 100 2013 cornerback, Goose Creek, S.C.: "The visit was pretty crazy. There was a lot of energy out there. That was the most people I've ever seen at a football game. It was cool. It was very exciting. I knew it would be a big game. They are the two best teams in the country. It was a battle. They are the two best defenses in the nation."

Ardarius Stewart: 2013 athlete, Fultondale, Ala.: "I think it was a hard fought game on both sides of the ball. Bama made a lot of mistakes with missed field goals. I think Trent [Richardson] didn't get the rock enough. When he did he made things happen. All-in-all it was a great game. Unfortunately my team lost, but they worked hard. It was so loud I couldn't hear either band."

Cameron Toney: 2013 linebacker, Huntsville, Ala.: "It was a pretty good game. The atmosphere was crazy. Probably the best kicking game ever…"

Jamie Major, 2013 linebacker, Piedmont, Ala.: "It was a great game and what everybody expected. It just shows you have to capitalize when there's an opportunity."

Josh Matthews, 2013 running back, Decatur, Ala.: "It was a great game to watch. I enjoyed being able to be there. The atmosphere was crazy. There wasn't a minute where it wasn't loud. The crowd was amazing, so I liked it all."

B.J. Hammond, 2013 wide receiver, Gadsden (Ala.) City: "The atmosphere was crazy. My mom and I had a good time. I knew it wasn't going to be a high scoring game before the ball even kicked off. I felt like both sides of the ball played 200-percent every play."

"Bama could have done some things different. Those referees mmade horrible, horrible calls from start to finish from the interception when Eric Reid took the ball from the man who was down, to the cheap shot took on Dre Kirkpatrick with no ejection. Things like that could have made a difference in the game. It killed Alabama for the No. 1 spot, but like coach Saban said LSU ain't No. 1 for no reason."

Bradley Bozeman, 2013 offensive lineman, Roanoke-Handley, Ala. (Alabama commitment): "Two great teams going head-to-head and Bama just didn't capitalize on all their opportunities. The atmosphere was amazing. The loudest game I've ever been to."

Noel Ellis, 2013 cornerback, New Orleans-Edna Karr, La.: "We had fun. It was real rowdy. I was at the LSU/Florida game, and it was nothing like at Alabama. It was a lot louder at Alabama. After the win, I like LSU over Bama but I like both defenses and both secondaries."

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