Armond Armstead Checks Out the Tigers

The former Southern Cal defensive lineman discusses his visit to check out Auburn.

With one year of eligibility remaining after playing the defensive end and defensive tackle positions at the University of Southern California, Armond Armstead traveled to Auburn for the weekend along with his brother, five star prospect Arik Armstead, to check out what the Tigers, who have offered both brothers spots on the 2012 Auburn football team.

Armond graduated from Southern Cal in December after not playing during the 2011 season due to a medical issue. He has decided to leave the Trojans and, if possible, transfer to a college and play with brother Arik fo the 2012 season.

Because of Pac-12 rules about intra-conference transfers, colleges in that league like Cal, a program both of the brothers have been considering, is out for Armond because he has just one season of eligibility remaining.

After finishing his official visit to Auburn, and while on the way to Indiana to check out Notre Dame, Armond Armstead told Inside the Auburn Tigers he enjoyed his trip to check out Coach Gene Chizik's football program.

"I?had a great time and got to see a lot of things Auburn has to offer and meet all of the coaches," he said. "After I visit Notre Dame I am going to head home and sit down with the family and make a decision.

"We toured the facilities at Auburn," he said. "My little brother plays basketball so we went to watch the team practice. We hung out with the people on the team and went to the game on Saturday."

Armstead, who started 17 games for Southern Cal before being sidelined last year spring when he was hospitalized with an undisclosed medical condition, said he is clear to return to the football field and is considering a transfer to Auburn. "I am ready to roll now," he said. "I have been waiting for a long time, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

The defensive lineman said he is serious about having a strong 2012 season and finding the right program to make that happen.

"The biggest factor for me is I'm just looking at it from more of business standpoint," the 6-6, 280-pound lineman noted. "I just have one year to play so I want to make the best of the opportunity and have the best year possible. I just do what I can do and play some ball."

Armstead, who is from Elk Grove, Calif., said he was not happy when he found out that he couldn't transfer to another Pac-12 college on the West Coast. "It's frustrating because my family has been through a lot so it would be nice to be close to home, but at the end of the day, rules are rules, and I have to move on. It's life and I have to deal with it."

Armstead said he is hopeful he will be able to attend the same college as his brother, Arik, but predicts that if they end up at different places they will both still be successful.

"He has to decide on a school for four years, and I'm only making a one-year decision so I told him to make the best decision for him," the older brother said. "If we end up at the same place, it would be great."

Commenting on his trip to Auburn, Armstead said, "It's a small town, but everyone's really friendly, really nice, and they go out of their way to be nice to you. It's very different from where I'm from in California so I liked it."

Another thing Auburn has to offer the 6-6, 280-pound senior is the opportunity for Armond to enroll immediately, something that Chizik told him when the two prospects and their father talked with Chizik on the visit.

"He talked to me about how he was really interested in me," Armstead said of his conversation with Auburn's head coach. "He wants me to get in as soon as possible if I can. He just talked about he likes my family, how he likes me as a player and if I could be a part of the team he would love to have me here."

Armstead said he hung out with defensive tackle Gabe Wright, who was his player host. He also spent time with end Nosa Eguae and other defensive linemen on his visit while also talking to his Auburn's defensive line coach, Mike Pelton.

"Those are the main guys we hung out with and got to kind to kind of crack their head about how the D-line is and how Coach (Pelton) works and everything," he said. "I got to hang out with all the coaches and all of them are really cool. It's a good family environment and atmosphere at Auburn."

The Californian said that if he finds the right college soon enough, he would like to enroll for spring semester and participate in spring practice, but if that doesn't work out he will wait until summer to enroll.

After his visit to Notre Dame, Armstead noted he will make a decision on his future. "I don't really have a set time frame," he said. "I'm going to go home and talk about it with my family more and see where Arik's thinking and kinda talk to my mom and bounce some ideas off each other, and go from there."

As for Arik, older brother Armond said he has no clue about his brother's intentions. "He's keeping his lips sealed to everyone in the world."

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