Parks Excited About AU Official Visit

Auburn commmitment Ricky Parks talks about his upcoming official visit to the Plains.

Hogansville, Ga.—A longtime commitment to the Auburn Tigers, four-star tight end Ricky Parks will be on campus this weekend for his official visit. While he's been to Auburn close to a dozen times in the last two years this trip will be different than any he's taken before and he's pumped about that.

"I'm very excited," Parks said. "Now I really get to experience other things than just getting to see a game and hang out with the players after the game. I'm looking forward to it a lot. I'm just ready to hang out with the coaches and let my family see everything."

With Gus Malzahn moving on to take over the reins at Arkansas State the Tigers are currently without an offensive coordinator. As an offensive player Parks could be troubled by the uncertainty, but he noted that his belief in Coach Gene Chizik has him certain that his future offense at Auburn will be under very good guidance.

"It doesn't really concern me because Coach Chizik just wants the best staff for his team," Parks said. "I know he's going to hire a great offensive coordinator. I haven't talked to him at my house yet, but Coach (Jay) Boulware has come by."

Ricky Parks

Expected to play tight end and H-Back for the Tigers after playing mostly quarterback as a senior for Callaway, the 6-4 ½, 235 Parks said he's looking forward to playing for Boulware after the two have gotten to be close during the recruiting process. He said his first order of business however is to work hard this spring to get ready to hit the ground running.

"We have a great relationship," Parks said. "We get along with each other. We talk and he tells me everything. He is looking forward to having a great offensive coordinator come in too.

"I just want to get bigger and faster and get better at my technique," he added. "I just want to try to come in and get a lot of playing time."

Choosing Auburn over Alabama and Georgia originally, Parks said he's made sure to distance himself from recruiting over the last few months to show other schools that he's no longer looking at anyone else. To make that final he said he's not taking any additional visits after his trip to Auburn because he's already found home.

"This is it for me," Parks said. "It's still just the family. When I get there I feel like I'm at home. That's all I want is to go to a school I'm going to be comfortable at. I feel that Auburn is the most comfortable place for me."

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