Growing Gross Enjoys Auburn Junior Day

Junior David Gross discusses his recent visit to Auburn and what he hopes to improve on before his senior season.

Montgomery, Ala.--The name Gross is synonymous around Auburn athletics with Lee Gross and son Gabe, two standouts on the football field, with Gabe most known for his feats on the baseball diamond. Lee's brother, Press Gross, was a walk-on during his time at Auburn for the football team as well and another brother served as a manager for the football team.

With that much family history it's not a surprise to see the next generation of the family already looking at the Tigers. Six-foot-five, 260 David Gross is a standout at Trinity Presbyterian in Montgomery playing both sides of the football for Coach Randy Ragsdale. He took a visit to Auburn for a Junior Day last weekend and while he was already very familiar with the campus he said it was different being inside the ropes for a change.

"Everything is so nice," Gross said. "Going there and getting to see Coach (Gene) Chizik, he informed me about everything. I just listened to what they said and what I needed to do for my senior year next year.

"Pretty much they informed me about what I needed to do," pointed out. "I had a blast going to the stadium and seeing the trophies was awesome. It was real cool to see all the nice things, I had a blast.

"It was more about being on the inside and seeing what Auburn is all about," he added. "It wasn't hearing all the stories and how my dad and uncle played there. Just being there was really awesome, seeing what they went through and all the coaches. It really is a family. It says that all over the signs at football games, but it really is a family. I enjoyed it."

Growing up a big Auburn fan, Gross said at the moment he's still waiting on his first scholarship offer to come across, but he has started to get attention from several schools.

"I've had a bunch of letters, but no offers yet," Gross said. "Troy, Clemson, North Carolina State, Louisiana-Lafayette, South Alabama and Auburn are looking at me and talking to me. Right now no offers, but hopefully just work in the offseason more and get bigger, stronger and faster."

Playing both sides of the ball in his career for the Wildcats, Gross has had a growth spurt the past two years. Because of that he has made the transition into a lineman.

"It's more on the offensive line," Gross said. "I played defensive end in the 10th grade and some this last year. In the third game they moved me to offensive line. I'm playing both ways now and I enjoy it, learning both of them."

With recruiting just getting started and plenty of time before he has to make a decision, Gross said he's planning to visit several colleges during the spring and summer and get to as many camps as possible heading into his senior season.

"I have a bunch of camps I want to go to around the Southeast," he said. "I'm also going to work out a ton and get stronger and faster. Mainly I want to have my options open by going to a lot of places and seeing what I can do. I want to get answers to see what I can do and can't do."

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