Kurzu Looking Coast to Coast for Right School

Offensive line prospect Jack Kurzu stopped by Auburn on an unofficial visit on Monday.

St. Louis, Mo. – Class of 2013 offensive lineman Jack Kurzu of Mary Institute and St. Louis Country School (MICDS) is getting a head start on his recruitment and taking a tour of America to be certain he makes the right decision on his college of choice.

Monday's stop was on the Auburn University campus where he toured the facilities and met with offensive line coach Jeff Grimes.

"I thought he was a very nice guy," Kurzu said of Grimes. "He's very, very genuine. He's an amazing guy, and I'd love to play for him. It was a great experience meeting him. It was my first experience meeting him personally. I've been in contact with him over e-mail and stuff like that. We've reviewed my game tape a little bit, and he told me some things that I need to improve on. I plan on calling him next week to see if he's found anything else that I need to improve on.

"I got to go down to the field," Kurzu added of his visit. "I got to go see all the training facilities, the weight room – which all of those were all amazing to look at. I got to go around campus to see the dorms and go around to the locker room and see all of it."

The 6-4, 305 offensive lineman was in Auburn for the second time in his life.

"It was amazing," he said of his visit. "It was great to see. I went there once when I watched the Florida vs. Auburn game a while ago (a 27-17 Auburn win over #2 Florida). It was great to come back here and see how everything has changed. I see they are doing a lot of construction, and I'm going to be very excited to see how it turns out."

With his Auburn visit behind him, Kurzu was hesitant to say where Auburn ranks on his list or even give a leaderboard.

"Honestly I cannot say right now," he said. "I'm going to a lot of junior days right now. This is probably my fourth weekend of going to junior days. After this I'll be able to evaluate it a little better. I've got to see all of the other schools first."

However, Kurzu did offer this – "I'm very interested in Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, many, many schools."

Grimes and Kurzu didn't talk about what position he would play on the Auburn offensive line, but at 6-4, 305-pounds he has options. As a sophomore at national power St. Thomas Aquinas, where he spent only one year, and as a junior at MICDS, he has played multiple positions.

"I'm fine being recruited anywhere on the offensive line as long as I get to play," he explained. "It depends on the school. Last summer I went to an unofficial visit to UCLA and they were thinking that since I'm a smart kid I would play center.

"Last year I played at St. Thomas Aquinas down in Florida," Kurzu continued. "I played both left and right tackle. This year I played right guard at MICDS up in Missouri. I just moved back to Missouri."

Kurzu's previous visit before Auburn was on Saturday to Florida, where his father played.

"That went well," Kurzu said. "It was great meeting with Coach (Tim) Davis. He was extremely nice and genuine. I loved how he focused on the fundamentals of football and how the heart of the offensive line was so important to the team. Rather than watching the highlights like the receivers or the quarterbacks were watching at that time, he took game film which he had took from Utah, where he had just come from, and he showed us the fundamentals and what he does and how we should be blocking. It's very different, but I really enjoyed it.

"My dad emphasizes that I should choose a college based on what I like and my own experiences at the school," he added. "I do like Florida, but it's not based on my having played there."

So far Kurzu's tour of America for drop-ins and junior days this year has included many schools other than Auburn and Florida.

"I've been one to Miami, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Mizzou and of course Florida," he commented. "I'm going to Illinois and Louisville next weekend. March 5th I'm going to Oklahoma's junior day."

So far he has one offer but expects the list to keep growing over the next 11 months.

"I have one from Troy," he explained. "I just picked it up on Friday. It was great to get my first offer. There are others that have expressed interest. I'm hoping to get a few offers coming up soon, but I'm not sure. I can't say from the coaches' standpoint."

Explaining his viewpoint on recruiting and picking the right college, Kurzu said, "I just want to make sure it's the right choice for me. I believe that once I commit to school I will not uncommit, and I that I will stick with the school. I want to make sure that once I commit to a school it's the right choice for me.

"My biggest factors are probably going to be the educational system of the school because football will eventually end, and it won't be my decision," he continued. "What else I'm looking for is a great community of the school and if all of the players, for instance, go to a girls' soccer game to support the team or will the whole entire school go to the football game to watch us. And probably the unity of the team because that's important for us to play in sync. We're going to have to be bonded."

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