Dickey's Top Four

Juwan Dickey's top four looks like this: Oklahoma State, UCLA, USF and Southern Miss. He breaks it down for us in this interview and discusses what he likes about each potential destination. Find out the latest from this prospect right here:

Four stick out to Juwan Dickey when he thinks about his current offer list.

"I like Oklahoma State, UCLA, USF and Southern Miss the most. They are all great schools and I have good reasons for why I like the all."

Oklahoma State is ready for Dickey to be a star in their program. He certainly likes the sound of that.

"They want me to be their new feature receiver. That's a big deal. I like that idea. They said I could catch over one hundred balls a season. I'm going to visit June 9th for their camp."

UCLA is another schools he's looking forward to visiting soon. He wants to see what the campus is like since he's heard great things.

"I always wanted to see what the atmosphere is like out there. I'm going there in the summer for a 7-on-7 and I can't wait to check it out. I talk to coach Klemm a lot and he is a great dude. I really like staying in touch with him."

Dickey says he hasn't heard as much from Southern Miss but he's hoping to get in contact with them a little more.

"They haven't talked to me in a while but I think they might come out to watch me in the spring so it will be good to show them what I can do and all."

Dickey has been to Tampa just once but he says he spent his time at the beach and at Busch Gardens. Now, he wants to go back to see a school he could end up committing to.

"I can't wait to get back to Tampa to see USF. I talk to coach Scott a lot and he's a great dude. I want to visit soon. Tampa seems like a great place and I love that it's close to the beach."

Dickey has his eye on two more offers he hopes will come his way.

"I'd love to hear from Southern Cal and FSU."

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