2014 Prospect Making A Name For Himself

Auburn High standout Blaise Taylor talks recruiting, his father Trooper Taylor, playing defense in the spring, and more.

Auburn, Ala.—The son of Auburn WR Coach Trooper Taylor, Auburn High 2014 prospect Blaise Taylor is quickly making a name for himself on the football field. At 5-8, 175, Taylor played wide receiver and returned kicks as a sophomore for Coach Tim Carter's Tigers in 2011. Now adding defense to his repertoire heading into this season, Taylor said this spring was good for him on many different levels.

"The spring has been good," Taylor tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "We've just gone out and had fun and had some great effort as we're trying to install the offense and defense with the younger guys and get them up to speed. We're just working to get ready for the season coming up in the fall.

"It has also been a new experience just helping to coach the younger guys," he added. "Overall it has been really good."

Known mostly for his play on offense last year, Taylor did a solid job on defense this spring playing cornerback opposite close friend Antreal Allen. A prospect in his own right, Taylor said he and Allen have been comparing notes and can help each other out this summer and going into 2012.

"Me and him have been best friends since I first moved here in eighth grade," Taylor said of Allen. "We've just been helping each other learn a new position. Every time we hang out we talk offense and defense to try to help each other out any way we can.

"It was a little tough at the beginning when I first started over there," he added. "Now that I have picked it up its becoming second nature now."

Hearing from Georgia Tech and Baylor in addition to Auburn, Taylor said he plans to visit all three this summer while also tripping to Arkansas State. He notes that he's also scheduled to play in a 7-on-7 tournament with a team from Memphis over the summer.

With a father in the coaching business and being around recruiting his whole life, Taylor said that because of that he has a good idea of how to approach the recruiting game. At the moment he said he's just enjoying the ride and trying to take it all in.

"It's fun," Taylor said. "It makes you feel good when you get letters and things in the mail. That's always a good feeling when you know your hard work is paying off.

"I think it helps a lot because you know the pros and cons and what's really true and what's not true," he added of the recruiting game. "I have seen it through different eyes so I think I'm probably more experienced than some others even though I'm still at a young age."

In addition to being able to learn the recruiting game from being around his father, Taylor said he's learned much more than that from both his parents. Both athletes and competitive people, Taylor said he's fortunate to have grown up in a household and around people that prepared him fully for life as a college football prospect.

"It has helped me a tremendous amount," Taylor said. "I have always liked to hang around and watch practice. It has helped me to learn a lot and it's probably why I'm the player I am today.

"I think I learned everything from both my dad and my mom," he added. "They are both athletes so everything at our house is competitive. It doesn't matter if it's just who is going to be the first person to sit down at the dinner table that night or the first one done with their homework. Everything is a competition. I have been instilled at a young age to always be competitive and do your very best."

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