Auburn Making A Move For Kitt?

2014 WR Demarre Kitt talks about visiting Auburn on Saturday and if Georgia is still his team.

Tyrone, Ga.—Standout 2014 wide receiver Demarre Kitt has been a commitment to the Georgia Bulldogs since April, but on Saturday he took a trip to check out the Auburn Tigers along with his father. While he said he's still a Bulldog at this time, Kitt added that another look at Auburn definitely moved the Tigers up on his list.

"I liked it a lot," Kitt said. "I got to sit down with all the coaches and they told me what they like about me and what can benefit me by going to Auburn.

"They have a lot of receiver spots open and if I want to come there and it was right, I should come here," he added. "But they didn't pressure me to come there."

Spending time with Auburn wide receiver Coach Trooper Taylor and watching him work out the receivers at Auburn's camp, Kitt said he was impressed by what he saw on and off the field by the energetic coach.

"I like Coach Trooper a lot," Kitt said. "He teaches a lot of fundamentals and that's what gets people to the league.

"Coach Trooper said he likes my hand-eye coordination," he added. "They like my balance and how I keep everything in line. They also like my playmaking ability."

A teammate of Auburn signees Jaquay Williams and Will Adams at Sandy Creek High, Kitt has had plenty of opportunities to learn not only about the Tigers, but about the recruiting process as well. That's something he said he's grateful for and both have been really good so far about helping him out when he needs it.

"Jaquay isn't really pressuring me because he knows how it is to get pressured," Kitt said. "They're not really focused on me right now, but probably in a year or so they will."

Planning to visit Tennessee and possibly LSU before his junior season begins, Kitt said that he's still hanging with the Bulldogs, but it's something that is obviously in question following Saturday's trip to the Plains.

"Yea I am, for now," Kitt said when asked if he was still a Georgia commitment. "You never know what happens. I'm just keeping my options open."

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