Megahee Excited About Assistant Coaching Job

Coach John Pawlowski has promoted Ty Megahee from volunteer assistant to a full-time assistant role for the Tigers in 2012-2013.

Auburn, Ala.—When Auburn baseball assistant coach Link Jarrett left to become the head coach at UNC-Greensboro there were plenty of candidates looking at the job for the opportunity to work with the Tigers. After talking with several Coach John Pawlowski said in his mind Ty Megahee was the obvious choice.

Auburn's volunteer assistant coach the last three seasons, Megahee already had a pivotal role in the Tigers' offense by working with the players in the cages. Also helping defensively and throughout the entire program, Pawlowski said when the time came it was an easy call for him to make.

"One of the most important things in this whole process was looking at the needs of where we are as a program," Pawlowski said. "Our offense is a group of returners that have kind of been there, been through this league. It is a veteran group, an older group. I really like what we have done over the last three years.

"It seems like we have a good, solid system in place with the goals and the principles in mind just from an offensive standpoint. You look at it and the continuity of it, instead of bringing someone in new where you kind of have to change gears in midstream, in my mind we're going to continue to flow with what we're doing."

Making the decision this week, Pawlowski and current assistant Scott Foxhall called Megahee on the road in Florida and gave him the good news. Needless to say it was an exciting time for the former Mercer standout as well as the current players on the team, who have expressed their excitement to Megahee since learning the news.

"I'm very excited about it, very fired up," Megahee said. "I called all the guys yesterday and they were fired up and that got me going me going a little bit more. I'm just ready for school to start and a chance to get to work with them. It's kind of been a whirlwind summer and to finally have some structure now and to be able to get to work, I'm ready to go.

"He was really excited," Pawlowski added about telling Megahee the news. "He did a great job in the interview process and we interviewed a number of different quality, qualified candidates. There's something to be said about guys who continue to go to work, grind it out everyday, blue collar, hard nose, tough, all the traits that we look at in someone we want in our program, and to me it was a great fit and a great opportunity to him."

After playing at Mercer he spent three seasons as a volunteer coach at his alma mater before moving to Monmouth where he was the hitting and infield coach in 2009. In his only season there the team hit .318 and set a school record for stolen bases (100) in a single season, winning the 2009 Northeast Conference Tournament Championship and a berth in the Oxford, Miss., Regional. Four Monmouth players were named to the all-conference team and two previously undrafted players were selected during the June MLB Draft.

Arriving at Auburn in 2010, he helped the Tigers win the SEC Western Division in his first season and has helped with the hitters as well as coaching first base. He said his time on the Plains has given him time to grow as a coach and he's looking forward to the opportunity to take the program to bigger and better things in the future.

"Having been in this place and to have been around the people here in Auburn and at Auburn University and the athletic department, you realize what a special place it is and to have the chance to stay and to be promoted inside that work environment is a very special thing," Megahee said. "Also I think it also always helps when you take another job or you move up the latter so to speak, to be able to do with players and coaches you're very familiar with. I think it's going to ease that transition. When those guys show up in two weeks for school we're just going to be able to go to work because they know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them. It's going to ease that learning curve a lot.

"It's the familiarity with the program that makes that transition a lot easier, not just for me, but for Coach Pawlowski, for Coach Foxhall, for Duvy (Scott Duval), for the players, for the training staff, for everybody involved. They know me and I know them. They know what to expect from me. The titles change and the duties may change, but the people are the same and that's certainly going to make it a lot easier for me and hopefully them, as well."

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