Lutzenkirchen Excited for New Scheme

Philip Lutzenkirchen talks about the transition to Coordinator Scot Loeffler's offense.

Auburn, Ala.--Senior tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen, a preseason All-SEC pick for the Auburn football team, said the offense looked much better following Wednesday's practice after having a slow start to the week.

"We had a couple days off and Tuesday night wasn't the practice we wanted, but we got out there and got after it real good," Lutzenkirchen said after Wednesday night's session. "Coach (Gene) Chizik made it clear what he's expecting of us in game-week preparation. We're just eager. We've got a bunch of young guys that are wanting to prove themselves and show what they can do."

Continuing preparation for the opener vs. Clemson on Sept. 1, the offense is narrowing its playbook, the tight end pointed out. New offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler is expected to call plenty of plays that feature the tight ends this year, something that pleases the senior.

"I haven't gotten to show what I can do in that standpoint the past three years," Lutzenkirchen said. "I've had success in the previous offense, and we won a national championship in it, but I'm selfishly kind of excited for this season to kind of put together the whole package of what a tight end does and really just show what I can do."

The biggest transition has been working on his legs, Lutzenkirchen said. Running different and deeper routes, the tight end noted he has had to get adjust to all the conditioning necessary with more running involved along with also learning different blocking assignments.

"Being in a scheme for three years, I kind of knew the ins and outs of it, but to go to a new system had its challenges at first, but I'm a lot more comfortable with it," he said.

Philip Lutzenkirchen scoring against South Carolina last season.

With the coaches yet to announce whether sophomore Kiehl Frazier or junior Clint Moseley will be the main man throwing passes this year, Lutzenkirchen said he's not frustrated about the delayed decision because he's gotten a lot of work with both players.

"I feel comfortable with either guy and it's really up to what Coach Chizik does and decides to go with," the tight end said. "Clint, I've played with him for three years and we're on the same page with just about everything. He threw to me a lot and looked to me a lot last year when he got the opportunity so I'm comfortable with him.

"Kiehl, I had a whole summer with him while Clint was resting his arm a little bit so I'm also on page with him," Lutzenkirchen said.

"Once it gets to game week I think we'll all know who it is, then we'll start getting definitive reps with that main guy," the tight end added.

Lutzenkirchen noted the starting quarterback needs to manage the game well. With three quarterbacks playing last season, the Tigers were unable to maintain a groove on offense, he said, which he said is something Auburn should establish this fall.

"This year I think once they decide on a guy they're going to stick with him," Lutzenkirchen predicts. "It'll be a game-by-game process getting more comfortable with him and they're both still relatively young guys. I really just look for who's going to be more confident and who's going to run the offense."

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