AU and Clemson Still Battling, Now for LB

Junior linebacker Shaun Hamilton from Carver-Montgomery talks recruiting and the start to his junior season. Video highlights of his game against Prattville are also featured.

Shaun Hamilton vs. Prattville

Montgomery, Ala. – Junior linebacker Shaun Hamilton from Carver-Montgomery is one of the top linebacker prospects in his class, and he has already selected two leaders out of a long list of scholarship offers.

"I'm having fun with recruiting since it's slowed down," Hamilton said. "I'll make a decision after my junior football season. My two favorites are Auburn and Clemson. Florida State is in the mix a little bit. Ole Miss is in the mix a little bit. But Auburn and Clemson are my favorites."

Hamilton was in the Georgia Dome Saturday night for Clemson's 26-19 victory over Auburn. He was there with Carver teammate Jeremy Johnson, a senior quarterback and Auburn commitment.

"I mess with him," Johnson said of the younger Hamilton. "I tell him, ‘You're going to have to play with me, or you're going to have play against me.' We laugh and joke about it. But I think Shawn is going to make the right decision and come to Auburn.

"It's tough in practice," Johnson added. "He hits. Every time I run, he's there. Every time I pass, he's around the ball. He makes me a better player."

Carver opened the season on Friday with a big 49-24 win at Prattville in which Johnson had nearly 500 yards from scrimmage. Hamilton also had about 10 solo tackles.

"It was a lot of fun," Hamilton said of watching the offense score at ease. "Jeremy is a freak of nature. He was running the ball, passing the ball. He thinks he's Cam Newton already."

The Prattville game has been circled on the calendar for weeks and Carver has had a running countdown of the days left until the game in the weight room.

"It's a great thing," Hamilton said. "It feels so good. We haven't beaten Prattville in 24 years. It feels so good to beat them now and know that I a part of the team that beat Prattville. None of my friends, my big brothers, nobody has beaten Prattville before.

"We've been working hard for this," Hamilton added. "It's been on the board since June – Prattville, how many days away. I'm really ecstatic. We're going to celebrate the victory over night and get ready for Phenix City next week.

"We have a great team," he added, "and I knew that if everybody played to the best of their abilities that we were going to get them. I was impressed."

Carver players say they believe they work as hard as any team in the weight room, and it's showing for Hamilton. He's starting his junior season at 6-2, 220.

"I've gotten bigger, stronger and faster," he said. "My tackling has gotten a lot better, and I'm taking more of a leadership role this year."

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