Notes and Quotes As Auburn Prepares For LSU

Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier, linebacker Jake Holland, and tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen talk about facing LSU.

No More Peeking:

Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier talked about watching the rush in the loss to Mississippi State and contributed to throwing three interceptions against the Bulldogs. He said that's something they worked on a lot last week in practice and he felt like he did a good job of not doing that in the win. Frazier noted the early pass play to Tre Mason when he checked down to his third read proved to be a big play from a confidence standpoint for him in that regard.

"I felt a lot more comfortable going out there Saturday," Frazier said. "It was good just to get going in the short game. Then we had that long pass. They covered it up pretty well. Just to get it down to Tre going all through my reads and not watching the rush is something that helped me throughout the game."

Finding Number Two?:

Last week Auburn redshirt freshman wide receiver Sammie Coates made one spectacular grab for a touchdown and should have added a second for a score before it was erased because of a penalty. That's something that Frazier said could be huge going forward for the offense. Making it more likely that Coates could step into that role as the number two wide receiver target for the Tigers is the chemistry between he and Frazier that has developed in the last year.

"It was really good," Frazier said of Coates performance. "We have a ton of confidence in Sammie, so we were waiting for him to make plays and hopefully going forward he'll just kind of grow on what he did last week.

"He was the first guy I really started throwing it to. Last year, all the other guys were really going with Barrett and Clint. Since Sammie redshirted, I was throwing to him in practice so I have a lot of chemistry with him."

J.C. Copeland Calls Auburn Out:

LSU fullback had some interesting things to say about Auburn following last season's game in Tiger Stadium. Used exclusively as a blocker in the game, he said "After the first couple of hits, everybody was just backing up," Copeland said. "They didn't want to hit at all. … Before I got to them, they just fell down and just laid on the ground.

"I actually said, ‘C'mon man, you're better than that. C'mon, hit me.' That was the only game I went home and had no nicks and bruises at all."

Needless to say that has gotten plenty of play around the Auburn team the last 365 days. As for Auburn linebacker Jake Holland he said he didn't have the opportunity to see much action last year against LSU, but he's looking forward to that opportunity this year.

"I didn't get a whole lot of reps last year because of the injuries and all that, but it is what it is," Holland said of the comment. "If he felt that way then it's our job to prove him wrong this year."

While he was on the other side of the ball from Copeland, tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen said no matter who the comment was directed at, it's something you take personal as a team.

"It did not go our way at all last year in this game," Lutzenkirchen said. "There's been some things said that have not sat well with our team. For the past 365 days, we've been thinking about this one. (We're) just anxious and ready to play again."

Running On Empty:

Auburn's defense has struggled against the run this season in three games, allowing a league-worst 217 yards per game this season. That's not good news with LSU's running game coming in this weekend leading the league at 269.3 yards per contest and 12 rushing touchdowns. Holland said after facing three teams that spread them out and took a linebacker off the field for much of the contest, he's looking forward to playing more true 4-3 defense and getting physical.

"There is no doubt it's going to be a physical game. They run the ball a lot. That's just how we're going to practice this week is physical and downhill to get ready for that.

"There is no question, especially at linebacker that's what you hope for, somebody to run the ball straight at you," he added. "That's what you go every day at practice, that's what you want. That's just something that is part of the game that everybody wants to do is be physical and go hit somebody. That's football."

Lutz A Good Guy:

On Tuesday Lutzenkirchen was one of 12 players from college football named to the AllState/American Football Coaches Association 2012 Good Works Team in part for his contributions off the field visiting and spending time with childhood cancer patients. He also started a Youth For Christ chapter at a local high school as well as working with his family to collect for underprivileged youth throughout the year. When asked about the honor Lutzenkirchen said it's just about giving back.

"I've just clearly tricked everyone into thinking I'm a good guy," he joked. "Nah, it's a good honor. Just trying to make an impact in younger kids' lives and less fortunate people's lives. I've just been blessed to be on the platform that I am, just helping people through tough times. I've been given so much in my life and so many blessings that I'm just trying to ease others' pain and take their mind off the pain that they're in even if it's just for five or 10 minutes."

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