ITAT HD: Cameron Toney vs. Albertville

Linebacker Cameron Toney talks about his senior season, plus highlights of his game against Albertville are featured.

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Huntsville, Ala. – Auburn commitment Cameron Toney and Huntsville High School got back on the winning track last weej with a 35-17 victory over Albertville.

The previous win, 42-6 on Sept. 14 vs. Lee-Huntsville, was the 499th in school history. Huntsville dropped the next two games to Oxford and Bob Jones before playing Albertville.

"It's a very big win coming off of two losses," Toney said. "It's actually win number 501. It was supposed to be number 500. They said we were at 499 last week, but made a correction and now we're at 501.

"Coming off two losses it's great to have this win," he added. "We've been like this every season, but I think we're going to finish strong."

Huntsville plays Pell City on Friday night.

Toney, who committed to Auburn on April 14, has been playing his senior season with a high right ankle sprain.

"It happened in the first game while I was making a tackle," Toney explained. "I played an excellent game the first game, and I tweaked it a little bit and kept playing. The next game I messed it up again and it turned out to be a high ankle sprain. I sat out a game and tried to get back. Basically, I've just got to fight through the pain and put the team on my back.

"I'm giving 100 percent," he added, "but my ankle I'd say is about 75 or 80 percent."

Head coach Scott Sharp has liked what he has gotten out of Toney this season. "He's still coming off an ankle injury, and he's still slowed down by that," Sharp said. "He's a leader first and foremost for us. You know what you're going to get from him. He's going to give it all he's got. He's slowly getting back to full speed, so hopefully he'll continue to improve all week."

One of Toney's teammates, offensive lineman Grant Hill, is a long-time Alabama commitment.

"When we go head up I'm always the one calling him out," Toney said. "I'm the one who likes to fight no matter what. No matter if I'm injured or not. But hey, going against him is tough."

Toney added that he and Hill don't talk much about their allegiances to the two in-state rivals.

"It's not really going to hit us until signing day," he explained. "We're not really going to talk about it until signing day. He's a laid back guy and I am too. We're teammates right now and we choose to work on our team right now."

Though he's not trying to recruit Hill, Toney said he is going after other prospects and trying to get them to commit.

"Reuben (Foster) is helping me out on the side," Toney said. "He's helping me get Derrick Green, the running back. I think we'll end up getting him. He's a big running back and that's what we need. We got Jeremy Johnson at quarterback and I think we're going to have a blast of a freshman squad coming up."

Toney visited Auburn recently for games against LSU and Arkansas. However, he added that he does plan on visiting other schools.

"I'll probably take a couple of officials," he noted. "I don't know yet because I haven't scheduled any. I'll probably go up to Tennessee when they play Alabama. I just want to take a couple of officials, have the experience and have some fun."

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