Blanding to Trim List, Lineup Visits

Now that the season has ended for Bayside, we catch up with star 2014 prospect Quin Blanding.

Weeks before his team headed into playoffs, highly-touted 2014 defensive back/wide receiver Quin Blanding of Bayside (VA) revealed his top ten, in order.

"I'm down to Florida State, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio State, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Miami, Clemson, and Michigan," he told FOX Sports Next.

Now that Bayside's season has ended, Blanding is taking some time to further trim his list.

"After Thanksgiving, I plan to drop it down even lower, and should plan some visits by then, too."

Keep in mind he is only a junior, but having already visited UVa and North Carolina, there are some schools he hopes to visit in the coming weeks. "I want to at least get down to Florida State. I wanted to try to get to Notre Dame, but that's a trip, and at least get to Ohio State."

E.J. Manuel, having played at Bayside, created a pipeline from the 757 to FSU, but Blanding says, that Manuel little to do with his interest in the Seminoles.

"EJ had left when I came in, but I do talk to his dad, and I talk to the coaches there a lot, and get a good vibe, so I want to go see for myself what it's like."

Blanding admits he talks to every program, at least once a week, and they are all "even." Let's face it, he can go pretty much anywhere with his long list of options, and there are several programs he has ties to, like FSU and UVa.

"Tre (Demetrious Nicholson) is there and Anthony Cooper and so many other guys. I mean, I would love to be close to home, but I will go where there is the best opportunity."

In the meantime, Blanding is watching some of his teams on television. "I watched the UVA, UNC and Michigan games this weekend." He admitted there is a lot of growing pains for several of the schools he is interested in, but that does not bother him.

Stay tuned for more.

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