Dye-Log: Twists, Turns On Road To BCS Title

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye writes about what teams could be playing for the BCS Championship with a lot of key games left to be played.

A major reason so many of us love college football is just when it seems you have things figured out, teams and players will surprise you. There was plenty of that going on last weekend near the top of the BCS rankings.


The regular season is almost finished, but there is still time for plenty of additional craziness in the next couple of weeks. For example, what if Georgia gets beat this week by Georgia Tech and then goes to Atlanta and beats Alabama in the SEC Championship. If that happens, and Florida State beats Florida, there won't be an SEC team in the BCS Championship Game.

If Florida beats Florida State and Georgia loses to Georgia Tech before the Bulldogs beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, there is the possibility that the Gators could end up in the BCS title game.

If Florida State beats Florida the Seminoles would have a chance to be in the title game, but before that happens the Seminoles have to beat Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game. The Yellow Jackets are getting their option offense cranked up and could be spoilers for both Georgia and FSU.

There are a lot of different scenarios out on the West Coast, too. UCLA has got to play Stanford and if they win that game the Bruins will have to go to Eugene to play Oregon, but if they lose to Stanford they have to come back and play Stanford again the next week in Palo Alto because Stanford would win the tiebreaker with Oregon to be in the Pac-12 Championship Game with both teams being 7-1 in the league.

If Southern Cal should happen to beat Notre Dame, then we could end up with two SEC teams in the BCS Championship Game again. However, with Southern Cal's starting quarterback being out with an injury the odds of that happening dropped a good bit.

Many of those possible BCS standings shakeups are not likely to happen, but I doubt many people expected Baylor to beat Kansas State on Saturday night. I think most people also expected Oregon to stay unbeaten playing Stanford at home on Saturday night, but that didn't happen either.

It's not here yet, but we could use at least a four-team playoff, and preferably and eight-team format, to decide who deserves to the be the national champion for the 2012 season, but we aren't that far along yet.

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Editor's Note: This is part of a series of columns that College Football Hall of Fame member Pat Dye is writing for AUTigers.com about the game he played and coached. An All-American player at Georgia and one of the top head coaches in SEC history at Auburn, he also served as a head coach at East Carolina and Wyoming. Dye writes three columns for AUTigers.com--The Dye-Log, the Dye-Gest and Pat's Picks.

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