Prescott Buying Into Egg Bowl Ambitions

He admits never having heard of the Golden Egg until arriving on campus. All it took was watching the 2011 build-up to convince Dak Prescott this is what playing Bulldog football is really about. "I redshirted last year and it was a big week, so this year I know exactly how important it is and what it means to everybody on this team. What it means to this state."

Prescott's adopted state that is. The Louisiana native now can do more than just watch and cheer as Mississippi State seeks extending three years of success against Ole Miss into another season. Prescott expects to play an on-field part in this Egg Bowl now that he is a reliable alternate to starter Tyler Russell.

Reliable and relied-on. "I believe I've progressed a whole bunch. I think I know every play, it's just about defenses now. It's executing the gameplan and stuff like that. But I'm real comfortable with this offense."

Coach Les Koenning is increasingly comfortable exchanging his quarterbacks too. While Prescott is primarily a ‘situation' substitute specializing in short yardage or goal line snaps, the offensive staff trusts him with a lot more than just short scrambles. The second-year freshman has more freedom to read and respond, as well as run real passing plays.

The results are, in a word, remarkable. Picking his passes carefully, Prescott is 15-of-22 with three touchdowns tossed. And of his 29 rushes four also have resulted in touchdowns along with twice as many first downs. The ‘Dak Attack' works.

"Oh, yeah. Dak is the money man!" said TE Marcus Green. "He makes plays. Not only to me, he gets in there himself, you can't stop him!"

"I believe that," Prescott said. "I believe they trust me and I trust in them. We're a big family here and we all believe in each other."

It is Prescott's ground-gaining talents which this week have Bulldogs believing they could see his role expanded further. Practically from the 2010 day he reported to campus observers have been comparing the Haughton, La., product to Chris Relf, a name that still sends Rebels into fears or tears after three dominating performances in Egg Bowl victories. Relf threw for a lot of yards in those wins but it was his powerful running that set the theme.

Now here in November '12 the Bulldogs are showing increased use of the quarterback read-option. With Russell so far, and his pitches to LaDarius Perkins and Nick Griffin worked well against Arkansas. "It's just something we pulled out, that we're used to," Prescott said. "We've run it in the past but we've pulled it out lately and been real successful."

Soooo, take this show of option potential, combine it with a fine track record against Ole Miss defenders, and look at Prescott and…how ‘bout it? Prescott isn't tipping any plans. "There may be a little bit, here and there. Relf did a good job in the past of running the ball on them, we expect to have some plays in the running game. But we're going to have to be balanced and do what we can do."

Do it well enough and this newest Dog quarterback duo can begin their own record against the Rebels. Russell of course is a Mississippi native and grew up with the rivalry. But as Relf, an Alamabamian, proved imports catch on quickly. Just as Prescott has.

"I love it here, I wouldn't change my decision for anything. I'm a Bulldog and I love it."

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