Coach: ND Lands Great Player, Better Person

American Heritage (Delray Beach, Fla.) four-star running back Greg Bryant committed to Notre Dame on Sunday. So what are the Irish getting? Find out from the man who coached him since the fifth grade.

While everyone makes a huge deal about Notre Dame landing the talent of four-star running back Greg Bryant of American Heritage School (Delray Beach, Fla.) it is the off-field product his long-time coach raves about.

American Heritage assistant Brad Tremper has coached Bryant since the fifth grade, and is close with Bryant's father, Greg Sr.

"What they're getting is a very intelligent individual, a very caring individual," Tremper said. "Most importantly, they're getting a great person, putting aside all the football stuff. He's just the best kid. He's the complete package all the way through. I couldn't say a negative thing about the kid."

The decision of the 5-foot-10, 205-pound Bryant to commit to Notre Dame came at the conclusion of his official visit, but it didn't come as much of a surprise for Tremper.

"What his father and I spoke about was they had one of the higher graduation rates of minority athletes," Tremper said. "That is what brought him there. You can't turn down the graduation rate at Notre Dame.

"I got a text from Greg (Jr.) and it read real simple: "Coach, thank you for everything. I love ya'. Notre Dame." That was the whole thing."

On the field, the Irish are getting a dynamically rugged player who can run between the tackles and also can block.

"They're getting the best football player, I think, in the country," Tremper said. "The one thing we put a lot of emphasis on is handling the football, and he's great at handling the football. When you watch him on film, he turns the ball into the (outside) hand, uses the stiff arm. He's very physically strong.

"He knows how to pick up blitzes. As far as being a blocker is concerned, he knows how to attack. He doesn't sit back and wait on anybody. He's a very aggressive player when he doesn't have the football, and I think that's one of the things that makes him tough as a runner."

In addition to the natural ability and the strength, Bryant is also technically sound.

"He's never running with the ball in the wrong hand," Trember said. "He finishes with body lean, always forward and keeping guys off the knees because he has his shoulders above him. He's not a straight, up-right runner."

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