TSD TV: Anthony Hickey

Taylor Halsey sat down with LSU sophomore point guard Anthony Hickey in advance of Wednesday night's game versus Texas A&M to discuss getting back in the win column in SEC play.

Click on the link below to watch Taylor Halsey's video interview with LSU point guard Anthony Hickey.

And here's a transcript of that video interview:

Taylor Halsey: Anthony, we saw some strong shooting from you early on in SEC play. What are you doing to improve and get off more quality shots?

Anthony Hickey: I'm just taking the same shots, doing the same thing. If it wasn't for my team passing me the ball, I wouldn't be able to catch it and let it go. It's about getting in the gym and doing the same repetition over and over.

TH: What are you working on to better break down zone defenses?

AH: Just getting in the gaps and trying to find people. Just penetrating and finding the open man.

TH: Coming up this week (on Wednesday) LSU takes on Texas A&M. What's the strategy to help bring home the first LSU win (in SEC play)?

AH: We have to keep doing what we've been doing, but when it gets close, there's got to be some leadership and there's some stepping up to do. So I'm going to keep pushing my team and making sure we're focused, so we can get our first win and get this thing back rolling.

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