Ask the Expert: Montravius Adams

Dean Legge talks with Fox Sports Next's Chad Simmons about the recruiting future of Montravius Adams.

Dean Legge: Adams told me over and over that he's undecided on where he's going to college. He said he really doesn't know. So why are people saying he's favoring Clemson (or anyone really) if he's saying the opposite behind closed doors and in interviews?

Chad Simmons: I think you just have to connect the dots and read between the lines with this one. Adams is a lot like Tunsil, he does not reveal a lot when talking directly to him, so you have to look for other avenues to get information and just keep up with what is going on. Clemson was the first school to offer Adams first off. They offered six plus months before anyone else. He spent time on their campus twice before seeing anyone else once. He has stayed in very regular contact with the Clemson staff for the past year. He has visited Clemson as much or more than any other school over the past 18 months. Those are the obvious things, then we know that people close to him really like Dabo Swinney, we know Adams himself really liked the idea early on of playing in a 4-3 defense, and we know that Adams is very comfortable at Clemson, and comfortable with that Clemson coaching staff. Clemson, S.C. is also a lot like Vienna, Ga. when talking atmosphere and surroundings. Most of these kids have a leader in their mind whether they say it at any time or not, so if one had to bet on a leader today for Adams, I feel certain most would say Clemson. He may not know where he is going, but he has an idea of what two to three schools he really likes, and they are likely are in an order.

Dean Legge: Adams and his mother will travel to Athens this weekend for what is a critical visit for the Bulldogs. If things are as close as Adams says they are, and we've got no reason not to believe him, could the visit swing the momentum in Georgia's favor for good?

Chad Simmons: There is no doubt about it. This visit is extremely crucial for Georgia. It can swing them to the top of his list, it could put them out of contention, or it could keep them where they are now. This visit will make a difference one way or another. We know Adams likes Grantham, Friend, Chris Wilson, and Richt and we know the mom likes Richt, so Georgia has to keep grinding here and show both why they feel UGA is the best place for this five-star out of Dooly County. I think convincing the mom that with Georgia being the in-state school could not only help her son now, but in the future could be critical. The mom has a role in this recruitment and in the end, I expect it to be Montravius' decision, but he will want his mom's blessing. This visit is the biggest moment UGA has had in Adams' recruitment.

Dean Legge: Set up the next two weeks in terms of colleges either getting a visit from Adams, or the visits head coaches will be making to his home in Vienna in these last two weeks of recruiting.

Chad Simmons: The only head coach that has been in Vienna, Ga. so far is Nick Saban, so if Alabama wants to go back into Dooly County, it will be assistant coaches. What I have heard is, both Clemson and Georgia will go in next week. I have not heard on Auburn or Florida yet concerning head coaches. The official visit to Georgia will be this weekend, then Dabo Swinney and Mark Richt will definitely spend time in the Adams' home. Another official visit could take place or he could stay home that weekend or even take an unofficial visit to a school he has already visited officially. From there, Adams will do some serious thinking, he will go over his options once more, then announce his decision on signing day. It is going to be exciting times in Vienna.

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