SDSU Football Recruiting Class Awards

Fox Sports/ National Recruiting Analysts Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins hand out awards to the San Diego State football recruiting class. Three-star tight end Darryl Richardson stole the show...

Fox Sports/ National Recruiting Analysts Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins hand out awards to the San Diego State football recruiting class.

Steal of the Class

Brandon Huffman: "You have to go with Darryl Richardson. If you look at his skill set, where he comes from, getting a kid out of the South, have SEC offers then you had UCLA going after him. I would definitely put him at that steal category. Tennessee wanted him as a tight end. I wouldn't want to call him a high-risk player; I think he has tremendous upside. If he realizes his ability you are looking at a guy who is more dynamic player than Gavin Escobar ever, was especially at this stage."

Greg Biggins: "Steal of the class is probably Darryl Richardson. I think Scott Kennedy (Director of Scouting for Fox Sports/ might have said this on twitter but he's a top five tight end if he wants to play tight end. He probably has the desire to still play quarterback but if he just plays tight end, he has freakish ability in terms of size and athleticism. To me he could have played for just about anybody. I really like him a lot. I've always been a big Julius Wilson fan. He's had some schools back off because of grades but if he gets that in order he could be an impact guy right away."

Surprise, Surprise

BH: "I would say Richardson as well but I'll probably give that nod to Julius Wilson especially with UCLA picking up the interest with him. I know Cal offered him, Nebraska, both of the Washington schools so I think San Diego State recruiting him early on really paid off. It's kind of surprising because UCLA was just accelerating their interest in him."

GB: "I guess it would have to be Richardson. There was a lot of chatter that he might take that late visit to UCLA. He had a lot of schools in the south. Ole Miss was involved. Tennessee had an early offer for him. I knew Miami was coming on him late. To get him to come all the way out to the West Coast was pretty huge."

Potential to be Great

BH: "I think the guy with the look potential is Fred Melifonwu. Just because of being an undersized defensive end, he can use his athleticism a little bit. He's a pretty quick kid. I think he'll definitely need to redshirt to put that weight on if he's going to be a true defensive end or outside linebacker. But I'll take a 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5, athlete that will get bigger any day. You'll eventually find a place on the field for somebody like that."

GB: "I like Fred Melinfonwu. I saw some Lincoln film watching the Robinson twins and love that guy. I think he's got huge upside. He was actually at Narbonne HS his freshman year and I was talking with one of their coaches and they thought he was going to be an impact receiver but ended up going to Lincoln. He played some defensive end/outside linebacker. In terms of upside with his size, speed and athleticism he's got freakish ability."

"There are a lot of guys I like in this class. Malik Smith is kind of a sleeper type that doesn't get enough attention. Addison Morrow is a guy I saw in person, I know he's only a two-star guy but I think he's a little bit of a sleeper. Overall top to bottom this is a pretty solid class."

Give It Time

BH: "I think a guy like Trey Lomax could end up being a little bit of a project. I think his heart wants him to play strong safety. I know he wouldn't mind playing linebacker if possible, could see him bulking up and playing a little bit of a rover. I wouldn't even call him a project but it's going to take him a lot physically where he needs to be. He's got a pretty good nose for the ball, pretty good athlete and got a lot of mobility. He's a guy two years from now who could have schools saying 'Wow why didn't we recruit him?'"

GB: "I think Billy Vaughn and I've seen him a lot. He's a big corner, over six-feet tall, 190. I kept thinking he was going to be a safety but his coaches swear he's a corner. They swear he has the athletic ability to play the position. He's raw right now but once he figures it out, learns exactly how to play then he definitely has the chance to be a sleeper in this class."

Watch Out for Him!

BH: "I really like Kalan Montgomery and Charles Okonkwo (now committed to Oregon State). Both of those guys have the ability to play early. Both have good length. Just need to put some weight on but they are probably closer to being ready than the other guys in their class. Both come from good programs and play against good competition in high school. From a talent and skills standpoint they are already there. They are on the lean side but they both have that ability to play as freshmen or more as redshirt freshmen once they develop physically. Toolset wise they are pretty fully developed."

GB: "I would say Marcus Stamps. I think he has a very good chance to be an impact guy down the line. Stamps is a real good-looking player and athlete. He's a tough physical kid and love the way he plays."

*Huffman and Biggins gave their awards separately around 6:00 PM PST on Tuesday night*

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