Signing Day In Vienna: Adams Talks About AU

All-American defensive tackle Montravius Adams explains his reasons for signing with the Auburn football Tigers.

Vienna, Ga.--Five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams put an end to his extensive recruitment on national signing day when he announced that he will play college football at Auburn.

The list of remaining schools for Adams was narrowed to Auburn, Georgia and Clemson by National Signing Day. Many thought Clemson or Georgia would have the best shot in the months leading up to his decision day, but Auburn made a strong push over the weekend on his final official visit prior to the Wednesday's signing ceremony at Dooly County High School.

"I just think that's the best place for me" Adams said about his college destination, noting that he feels comfortable there. "I love it at Auburn."

The questions as to why Adams chose to make a visit to Auburn so close to signing day were answered on Wednesday when he chose the Tigers over the Georgia Bulldogs, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers, who many thought had the upper hand in his recruitment prior to last weekend.

Adams said he came to the conclusion that Auburn would be his college destination on Sunday after he returned home from his official visit. The weekend trip was crucial for Auburn's success in the race for Adams, and the Tigers obviously reminded the 17-year-old Adams why he favored them in the first place.

"Just going back to visit and see how it is was the best part," Adams said of the recruiting trip he made with his mother.

Dooly County head coach Jimmy Hughes said Adams liked Auburn for a long time and the recent hiring of defensive line coach Rodney Garner didn't hurt the Tigers' chances.

"I think he has liked Auburn from the beginning," Hughes said. "The coaching change after the season got him lost for a little while, but I think the base of recruiting is the relationships you build with these coaches. I think hiring Garner put Auburn at the top of the page and the top of his list."

Adams agreed with Hughes' statement about Garner by saying the defensive line coach's hiring was the event that played the biggest role in his decision. When asked if he would have chose Auburn had they not hired Garner, Adams answered with a simple "no."

"I don't think so," the five-star defensive tackle added. "He (Garner) helped a lot."

Adams said the attitude around Auburn is different with the coaching changes it has made during this offseason. He claims there is a noticeable difference in the coaching styles of Gene Chizik and Gus Malzahn.

"They are two different people, and they have two different personalities," Adams said. "Coach (Gene) Chizik is more of a laid back guy, and Coach (Gus) Malzahn loves to be with the players and loves to be around everybody."

Adams signs his scholarship papers on Wednesday.

This process has been a long one for Adams, but Hughes said all the coaches and colleges were able to keep a comfortable distance between themselves and the high school senior.

"They (coaches) have been above board," Hughes said. "They've handled themselves very professionally and with a lot of dignity, and treated him the way he treated the universities."

According to Hughes, Adams never intentionally put false hope in the minds of any program he had the potential of signing with.

"He was up front, never made any promises to anybody and this decision was the first decision he has made," Hughes said. "We didn't have to go through any of him flipping and that type of stuff."

Adams made his announcement in the gymnasium at Dooly County High, the school he attended over the past four years.

The Dooly County faithful began piling in the doors just before 9 a.m. EST where they were greeted with the grand stage where Adams would sign. The table was covered from left to right with hats displaying the Alabama, Georgia, Auburn and Clemson logos.

Adams sat down at the table with his family and closest friends to announce his decision to attend Auburn, and by the end of his announcement it looked as though a massive weight had been lifted off Adams' shoulders.

Adams was said to be secretive and often cryptic with coaches and media throughout his recruitment process. However, he repeatedly mentioned that he was so quiet because he hadn't truly made up his mind until this week.

There is no question Georgia was the favorite choice amongst Adams' friends and neighbors in Vienna, but he decided it best for him to go outside his home state and serve his college tenure on Auburn's defensive line.

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