Eagles Have High Interest in AL QB

Southern Miss, with the new offensive scheme and up tempo throwing attack, is going to be a very attractive program for quarterbacks. One is hearing from the Eagles often, and he talks about the latest with GoldenEaglePride.com.

Matthew Jordan is a talented dual threat quarterback from Jackson High in Alabama. He also possesses something very rare among quarterbacks, incredible strength.

"I went to a weight lifting competition today that I won in my weight class," Jordan updated.

"Today I was in the 181-200 weight class, and I had the highest bench with 315. I lifted 225 13 times, which was third place overall."

While its rare to hear of a QB with that type of strength, Jordan said that is his primary position.

"I play there 90% of the team, but I can play some receiver and running back too," he said. "Against the big teams I'll play safety as well. Mostly though QB is my position and where I love to play."

He's certainly hearing plenty from college programs around the country.

"I picked up offer number 7 from Appalachian State today," he explained.

"I have been hearing a lot from Southern Miss honestly. I get a ton of letters from them and I hear from Coach Arroyo the offensive coordinator. I went over there about two weeks ago to practice, and they said they want to offer me but he wants to see my throw live first. He's scheduled to come over and see me play at a practice soon."

The QB gave some specifics about when he'd decide and what it is he is looking for in a school.

"I want to wait to make my decision in the fall in September," he said. "My Dad's birthday is the 12th, so that is the date I'm going to commit.

"I want a place that is close to home, and the offense is so important to me. I want to be able to play in an offense that spreads it out and throws it around. Southern Miss is an hour and 53 minutes from my house.

"I'm also very interested in South Alabama because they are close too. They said they'd offer as soon as they saw me in person as well."

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