"He'll Be An Impact Player At Auburn"

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College safety Derrick Moncrief chose the Auburn Tigers on Friday and read what his coach had to say about his potential.

Perkinson, Miss.--Coach Steve Campbell has seen a lot of talented prospects go through his program in nine seasons at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. After coaching safety Derrick Moncrief for one season in 2012 he says the Auburn Tigers are getting a very good player in the former Prattville Lion.

"He'll be an impact player at Auburn," Campbell tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "He has athleticism, he is a big, physical player that will run and hit. He's also a smart football player."

At 6-3, 226 pounds, Moncrief could be the ideal fit for Auburn's defensive scheme down the road at the "star" rover position in Coach Ellis Johnson's defense. Looking for someone who is capable of covering ground in the secondary while also stepping into the box against the run, Campbell says Moncrief has all of those characteristics.

"He can play a lot of different spots on a defense," Campbell notes. "He's just very physical."

Another coach very familiar with Moncrief's ability is former Prattville and current Florence head coach Jamey Dubose. Coaching Moncrief throughout his high school career, he says Auburn is getting a great kid and an even better player.

"He's not a guy with a lot of words," Dubose says. "You kind of have to warm up to him to get him to talk, but he's very friendly. Everybody likes Derrick.

"As far as football goes he's a great football player," he adds. "He has an instinct to the ball. He first started out wanting to be a wide receiver because both of his brothers were wide receivers, but Derrick kind of wanted to do his own thing. He's a very mature kid. I think he's going to have a great career."

Always tall, Moncrief has filled out physically his since days at Prattville. Gaining over 20 pounds and now looking more like a linebacker than a safety, Dubose says don't let that fool you about his play though because he's got the tools to play safety in college and the next level.

"In high school he had a lot of big hits," Dubose says. "He was a guy at the time that had great size and height, but needed to put on some weight and get thicker. I knew college would do that to him.

"Once going to juco and going to the good program he went to at Gulf Coast he has now developed into a big-time player. He's a kid that I think can be a Sunday player in the NFL at safety.

"He has great instincts for the ball," Coach Dubose adds. "When quarterbacks are making reads Derrick just has that ability to read eyes well and has deceiving speed with long arms. Now he's put on the size to be able to play in the SEC.

"He's a sudden-impact player for Auburn. I think he can play very quickly. Being around Derrick, he's a winner. He's going to make your football team better, he's going to make your coaches better, he's just that type of kid."

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