Talented QB Explains His Interest in Auburn

Talented quarterback Brandon Harris (Bossier City, La.) talks about his favorite colleges and breaks down the reasons why the Auburn Tigers made the list.

Bossier City, La.—There may be quarterbacks rated higher than Parkway's Brandon Harris as the summer recruiting circuit begins to heat up, but there are fewer who have made as much noise as the talented dual-threat standout in recent weeks.

Adding offers from Auburn, Alabama, LSU and Ohio State in the last month, the 6-3, 195-pounder says things have certainly been crazy this spring, but he's enjoying every second of it.

"It meant a lot to me," Harris tells Inside The Auburn Tigers of the attention he received this spring. "It was a very memorable experience, but honestly I'm glad it's over. Now I can focus on the schools I'm really interested in."

Planning to make his decision in July, Harris decided to go ahead and narrow his list of colleges to give him plenty of time to check out each personally and make a more informed choice. With that in mind he says at the moment there are seven programs he's going to take a hard look at this summer.

"In no particular order my list is Auburn, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Alabama, Baylor, Ohio State and LSU."

Getting to know Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn and offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee during the last several months, Harris has learned plenty about the Tigers' program and the history surrounding football on the Plains. Some of it wasn't news to him, however, as he was a huge fan of Cam Newton and the run that Auburn made in 2010. That was something he notes made him a fan of Malzahn as well.

"I think Coach Lashlee and Coach Malzahn are two great guys," Harris says. "My dad has had the opportunity to speak to Coach Malzahn several times. My former head coach knew Coach Malzahn very well. I kept up with Coach Malzahn when he was at Arkansas State and when we first started this process I wanted my family to get to Arkansas State. Did I know I would turn into the recruit I am now? Absolutely not.

"Coach Malzahn's offense is very, very unique," he adds. "What he was able to do the year they won the national championship made me follow him when he got to Arkansas State. They did the same thing. It's just very impressive. Coach Lashlee got to play quarterback in his offense and now he's the offensive coordinator. I know they won't miss a beat. I know they're going to continue to have success."

Brandon Harris is a prospect whose stock is on the rise.

That success has already started on the recruiting trail as four-star prospects Tre Williams, Justin Thornton and Derrick Moncrief recently chose the Tigers to join what is expected to be a solid second class for Malzahn and company. Harris says it's easy to see that the ship is pointed in the right direction under this coaching staff.

"It's really impressive and it speaks to their pedigree and what they want to do," Harris says. "They're going to get the best athletes in the country. They've got one of the best coaches in the country. You can just sense it's going to be a change of atmosphere after talking to Coach Malzahn and Coach Lashlee on the phone."

With a decision date set for July 18, Harris says that he and his family have a schedule set up to visit his favorites in the next few weeks. This coming weekend he will be at LSU on May 25. The following weekend he's planning on making stops at both Baylor and Texas A&M with plans to trip to Auburn and Alabama on the weekend of June 15.

"You don't want to make a decision off emotion," Harris says. "One thing you want to do is have something to compare it to. With this I will have already visited four campuses and I'll be able to compare Auburn to four other programs."

Excited that he's getting closer to making a decision, Harris says he's looking forward to helping his team try to win a state championship on the field. Something else he says he's excited about his cheering on his future teammates this fall and trying to build a Top 10 recruiting class to join him in 2014.

"I'm looking forward to it because it's a process I'm ready to get out of the way," Harris notes. "I'm ready to start recruiting. I feel like Louisiana has the top recruiting class this year and there are some guys waiting to see what you're going to do. There are a lot of great athletes in Louisiana and outside of the state that I would like the opportunity to play with.

"I'm just ready to get the process over so I can finally start rooting for a college team," he adds. "You can't root for a college team without people wondering where you are going."

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